Chess $100,000 Speed Chess Championship Expands With Women’s, Junior Events

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: expands $100,000 Speed Chess Championship series with women's, junior events. Palo Alto, Calif., March 8, 2019— will expand its 2019 Speed Chess Championship online tournament series to include w... S

Chess Stockfish Faces Lc0 In Computer Chess Championship Finals

The reigning, defending Computer Chess champion Stockfish will once again put its title on the line in a clash with the upstart machine-learning engine Lc0. The finals of CCC 6: The Winter Classic are scheduled to begin on Saturda... Source

Chess World Team Chess Championship: Englands Ties With Russia

Russia still leads the World Team Championship in Astana, Kazakhstan even though it was held to 2-2 by England today. China and Russia are still going strong in the women's section. Women's section Let's lo

Chess WTCC Round 4 Eventful day at the World Team Championships

Round 4 Eventful day at the World Team Championships Plenty of things happened today at the Astana International Financial Centre, at and besides the chess board. Russia and China cruise through in the women section, while all leading teams drew in the open sect

Chess PRO Chess League Playoff Hunt Intensifies In Week 9

Not much time is left for teams to make late-season statements in the PRO Chess League. With only the Battle Royale remaining, some teams seem destined for postseason action, while many are still looking for clarity. Top teams like Saint Louis,... Source: Che

Chess Happy International Women’s Day

FIDE is wishing happy International Women's Day to all the women chess players. Image source Source: World Chess Federation - FIDE

Chess Representatives of the US embassy visit the WTCC

The beginning of the 4th round of the World Team Championships was attended by representatives of the US embassy in Astana. The Deputy Chief of Mission Mr. Theodore Lyng, the Counselor for Public Affairs Mr. Christian Wright and the Assistant Cultural Affairs Offic

Chess FIDE President’s Statement on the 2020 World Chess Championship Match

In response to the numerous questions from potential organizers of the WCCM, FIDE would like to state the following: 1. The WCCM regulations are currently being developed. They allow to hold the match in multiple cities if this promotes chess and does not present

Chess Bidding Procedure for the FIDE Candidates’ Tournament 2020

BIDDING PROCEDURE FOR THE FIDE CANDIDATES’ TOURNAMENT 2020 FIDE is opening a bidding procedure for the FIDE Candidates’ Tournament 2020 All bids should be submitted by the due date in sealed envelope or scanned documents to the FIDE Secretariat, postal address

Chess WTCC in Astana Round 4

World Team Chess Championships 2019, held from March, 4 - 15 2019 inAstana, Kazakhstan.Open section and Women section board results.Round 4 starts March, 8 2019 at 3 PM local time. Please visit the visit official website for LIVE GAMES.http://wteams.astana2019.fid

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