Chess Final 2018 GCT Participants and Playing Schedules (for Paris and Leuven)

Final 2018 GCT Participants and Playing Schedules (for Paris and Leuven) The Grand Chess Tour (GCT) is pleased to release the names of the nine (9) players that have signed full GCT Tour contracts for the 2018 GCT Tour. GM Viswanathan Anand (IND) GM Levon Aroni

Chess FIDE Candidates’ Tournament R1: Caruana, Mamedyarov, Kramnik Win

Fabiano Caruana, Vladimir Kramnik and Shakhriyar Mamedyarov started with wins at the FIDE Candidates' Tournament in Berlin. Caruana beat Wesley So from the white side of a Closed Catalan, whereas Kramnik outplayed Alexander Grischuk with the ... Source: Che

Chess Giri, Carlsen Face Off On Twitter As FIDE Candidates’ Tournament Starts

Tonight is the official opening, and tomorrow the first round of one of the biggest events of the year: the FIDE Candidates' Tournament in Berlin, Germany. Anish Giri, who has been revealed as Vladimir Kramnik's second, faced off with Ma... Source: Che

Chess 2018 FIDE World Chess Candidates Tournament Started Today

March 9, 2018 — The 2018 FIDE World Chess Candidates Tournament, the competition that determines the challenger for the World Chess Championship Match set to take place in London in November, will kick off tomorrow in Berlin. The winner will go head to head with

Chess First Friday Masters March 2018

First Friday Masters March 2018 was held from 3 to 7 March in Puchong, Selangor. It was 10 players round-robin tournament. 3 players have finished with 6,5 points out of 9. WGM Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonova had the best tie-break. She was followed by IM Nguyen Van H

Chess 2018 Berlin Candidates LIVE (blog and updates)

Hello and welcome to’s coverage and live updates from the 2018 Berlin Candidates. In this minute by minute live we will follow the events from the first day of the qualification tournament that will determine the challenger for Magnus Carlsen in

Chess 5th Vugar Gashimov Memorial 2018

Photo by Russian Chess Federation The date of Shamkir Chess 2018 international tournament dedicated to the memory of late Azerbaijani GM Vugar Gashimov has been revealed. The chess tournament will be held in Shamkir on April 18-29. The tournament is a 10-player r

Chess On Chess : The road to the Candidates Tournament

The World Chess Championship dates back to 1886. In fact, St. Louis played host to a portion of the very first world chess championship, between Johannes Zukertort and Wilhelm Steinitz. Over the years, there have been different methods by which the world’s chess

Chess DGT Smart Board: Electronic Chess Board and Pieces

BUY HERE The DGT Smart Board is the latest addition to our range of electronic chess boards. It was specifically developed to be more affordable than wooden DGT boards to make live chess broadcasting more accessible and bring chess to a wider audience. The boards a

Chess IM Felipe Gallego Alcaraz is the winner at Ferdowsi Cup 2018

“26th Ferdowsi Cup” International Chess Festival was held in “Mashhad, Iran” from March 2-9. The tournament was divided in 3 sections. The winner in group A is IM Felipe Andres Gallego Alcaraz with 7 points out of 9. 3 players have finished with 6,5 poin

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