Chess Recession Hits Major Chess Events

The economic downturn in many parts of the world has adversely affected some major tournaments expected to take place this year. The Mainz Chess Classic in July normally lasts for a full week with a plethora of events, including Chess960 competit... Source: Che

Chess Russian Club Cup 2010

Arguably the strongest national team chess championships in the world starts on 1 April in Dagomys.?  The powerful Russian Team Chess Championships (a.k.a. the Russian Club Cup) is an event which produces the highest quality games, featuring as i... Source: Ch

Chess Vasily Smyslov 1921-2010

Very sad news from Moscow, where the seventh world chess champion, Vasily Vasilievich Smyslov has died.?  He had celebrated his 89th birthday just a few days ago. Vasily Smyslov was born in Moscow on March 24, 1921 and learned to play chess at th... Source: Ch

Chess Ivanchuk And Carlsen Joint Winners At Amber

A thrilling last round at Amber ended with Vassily Ivanchuk and Magnus Carlsen emerging as deserved joint winners of Amber 2010. Disaster struck early on for Carlsen his blindfold match with Grischuk.?  Mistakenly believing his opponent's queen w... Source: Ch

Chess Carlsen Takes The Lead At Amber

Magnus Carlsen had an excellent day in the penultimate round at Amber.?  He defeated former FIDE world champion Ruslan Ponomariov 2-0 to take the lead from Vassily Ivanchuk. Although this was a great result for Carlsen, it's hard to understand ho... Source: Ch

Chess Round Nine At Amber

Another two draws for Vassily Ivanchuk were enough for him to retain first place at Amber, but Magnus Carlsen won his rapid game against Dominguez to reduce the lead to half a point with just two rounds to go. Vladimir Kramnik also won in the rap... Source: Che

Chess Anand vs Topalov Match Website

With a month to go before the crunch match for the world chess championship between title holder Vishy Anand and challenger Veselin Topalov, the official website is already online. The match will be played at the Central Military Club in Sofia (p... Source: Che

Chess Muere Vasili Smislov, campe?n del mundo y gran maestro de ajedrez

El gran maestro internacional de ajedrez y s?ptimo campe?n del mundo de este deporte, Vasili Smislov, falleci? anoche en un hospital de Mosc? a la edad de 89 a?os, inform? hoy la cadena de televisi?n NTV. Leer Ajedrez //

Chess El orensano Iv?n Salgado se clasifica para la Copa del Mundo con s?lo 18 a?os

Las expectativas generadas por el orensano Iv?n Salgado, de 18 a?os, subcampe?n del mundo juvenil, han quedado confirmadas con su 9? puesto en el Campeonato de Europa Absoluto que concluy? en Rijeka (Croacia). Leer Ajedrez //

Chess K?rpov desea ser presidente de la FIDE y recibe el respaldo de Kasp?rov

El ruso Anatoli K?rpov, ex campe?n mundial de ajedrez, anunci? su ambici?n de ser presidente de la FIDE y recibi? inmediatamente el respaldo incondicional de su antiguo rival, Gary Kasp?rov. Kirs?n Ilyumzh?nov, quien encabeza la Federaci?n desde 1995, asegur? que s

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