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Chess FIDE Women Grand Prix in Nalchik – WIM Juldiz Betul Cemre stuns GM Zhao Xue in the first round

In Nalchik, the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, the 1st round of the third stage of the FIDE Grand Prix series among women had started on Monday. In the fighting first round, four games finished with decisive result, and in all of them players with white pieces gain

Chess FIDE Presidential Board Meeting

Concurrent with the Anand-Topalov world chess championship match, FIDE held its 2nd quarter Presidential Board meeting on April 22-23 in Sofia, Bulgaria. In his report, President Ilyumzhinov emphasized that his recent visits in Mongolia, Lebanon, Central African R

Chess Anand v Topalov Game 3

After two exciting games in the 2010 World Chess Championship, Vishy Anand and Veselin Topalov (pictured) are all-square at one win each. Game three starts at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday 27 April.? will once again be providing free live cover... Source: Ch

Chess UAAP women’s chess

And sometimes they resist as hard as they can but Chardine keeps finding ways to break through.

Camacho, Chardine Cheradee — Young, Rida C [B07]

2009-10 UAAP Chess [women) Tan Yan Kee Bldg., UST (10), 13.02.2010


La Salle’s Aices Salvador was the second highest-rated player in the UAAP and a veteran of international competition, having represented the country in the world junior championships and ASEAN youth competitions, to say nothing of the Asian Intercontinental championships. She has had a long layoff though and the rust showed, for example in the following game she engages Jedara Docena in a thrilling slugfest, but her usual tactical alertness was nowhere in evidence and she could not survive the attack.

Salvador, Aices -- Docena, Jedara [B22]

2009-10 UAAP Chess [women) Tan Yan Kee Bldg., UST (5), 24.01.2010


I have not had time to go through all the games in the UAAP. May I therefore extend this invitation to the UAAP chess players: if you played a good game and would like to share it with our readers please e-mail me at the address given below, together with your comments. On another matter, anyone who wants a copy of the UAAP can also just e-mail me I will send you a pgn file.

Oh! One more thing. I have set up my own forum at — the Web address is If you have comments and suggestions on my chess columns here then feel free to share.

Source: Chess Windows

--> BY: BOBBY ANG (As published in Chess Piece, BusinessWorld, 23 April 2010) UAAP Chess (Women’s) 2009-2010 Season CHAMPION: FAR EASTERN UNIVERSITY (FEU), 34/48. Bd01 Ronna Reigner C. Senora 3.5/7, Bd02 Jedara R. Docena 9.5/12, Bd03 Rulp Ylem M. Jose 10/12, Bd04

Chess The World Championship View (part 4)

Here are the 5 questions I asked a number of Grandmasters and International Masters:1. Who do you think will win the match?2. What is your final score prediction?3. How would you describe the strengths and weaknesses of each player?4. Does playing in Sofia give Top

Chess 12 year old sets 5 new records

Andhra Pradesh boy create records by playing Chess blindfolded2010-04-26 20:40:00Twelve-year-old chess prodigy Raghav Srivastava set five new records for the Limca Book of Records on Saturday in Andhra Pradesh's Nizamabad.Srivastava played five rounds of chess blin

Chess VIEW ANNOTATED GAME: World Chess Championship 2010 ROUND 2

ANNOTATION by GM Christian Bauer and IM Alexander Ipatov from

Source: Chess Windows

--> Photo sourced from WCC 2010 official website ANNOTATION by GM Christian Bauer and IM Alexander Ipatov from Source: Chess Windows

Chess New GM at Dayton Chess Club

Gold'in the Gem City at the Dayton Chess ClubGM Alexander Goldin has joined the Dayton Chess Club and is competing in the 52nd DCC Championship.This is a 'trophy' tournament. I believe it is unique for a World Class GM to be playing in a trophy tournament.Here

Chess VIEW ANNOTATED GAME: World Chess Championship 2010 ROUND 2

Source: Chess Windows

--> (Photo sourced from WCC 2010 official website's gallery.) PGN and ANNOTATION from Source: Chess Windows

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