Chess Sutovsky, the tenor

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Chess The race for the ECU head post

Danailov launches campaign websiteECU race continuesReport by ChessdomThe official site of Anand - Topalov WCC announced the launch of a campaign website for the ECU presidency of Silvio Danailov. The race started in Novi Sad during ETCC when Ali Nihat Yazici orga

Chess La tenacidad termina dando frutos a Topalov

El b?lgaro Veselin Top?lov gan? con blancas la octava partida del Mundial de ajedrez que le enfrenta en Sof?a al campe?n, el indio Viswanathan Anand, e igual? a cuatro puntos en el marcador del encuentro, previsto a doce juegos. Leer Ajedrez //

Chess R and P endgame

White to move. Is this a win, draw, or loss for White? How should White proceed?8/8/8/8/3r4/p1pP2k1/R3P3/5K2 w - - 0 1Chess daily news from Susan Polgar Source: Susan Polgar Chess Daily News and Information

Chess Russian Chess Queens increases WGP lead

Standings after 8 rounds:RkNo.NameRtgFED123456789101112Pts.15GMKosintseva Tatiana2524RUS*11??11?16?21GMDzagnidze Nana2479GEO0*?1???1156GMCramling Pia2523SWE?*????1?158GMHou Yifan2570CHN00?*1?111512GMZhu Chen2476QAT?0*11??1?563GMKoneru Humpy2622IND???0*?01147IMMkrt

Chess 2 straight wins for Zhao Xue

After a slow start, GM Zhao Xue scored back to back win at the Nalchik Women's Grand Prix. In the mean time, Hou Yifan lost while Tatiana Kosintseva drew. Her lead is now back to 1.5.Round 8 results:12GMZhu Chen2476? - ?IMDanielian Elina24911011WGMMunguntuul Batk

Chess Even Steven

Topalov on level termsWednesday , May 5 , 2010Sofia: Challenger Veselin Topalov Tuesday went for the kill in the eighth game of his world championship match against Viswanathan Anand and had one full point to show for his aggressive play, getting the better of his

Chess Abhishek Das and Akash Thakur share lead

Nagpur (04 May 10) :-  Jharkhand youngster Abhishek Das and Akash Thakur of Western Railway share the lead with seven points in the ongoing 3rd Air Marshal Subroto Mukerjee Memorial All India Open Fide Rated Chess Tournament here at Naivedhyam Celebration Centre o

Chess World Chess Championship 2010-NIIT Press Release of Round 8

SOFIA, 04TH MAY A one point pretty lead had Viswanathan Anand sitting comfortably while Veselin Topalov has been striving and stretching for one more victory to equalize the score. The Bulgarian Challenger was once again impressive in showing some serious home pre

Chess An Exciting Draw Kicks Off Second Half of Title Match

The seventh game of the World Chess Championship match in Sofia, Bulgaria, ended in a draw, just as the two previous games had. But the game on Monday was far from dull. Viswanathan Anand of India, the chess champion, had White for the second game in a row as the p

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