Chess Caruana – Carlsen 2018 game 5 LIVE!

Hello everyone and welcome to the live coverage of the 2018 World Chess Championship match between the reigning champion Magnus Carlsen (Norway) and the challenger Fabiano Caruana (USA). In this live blog + live games from WCC 2018 we will be covering the event Car

Chess Rules for the FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament 2019

FIDE is announcing the Rules for the FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament 2019. The Rules for the FIDE Women’s Candidates Tournament 2019 can be downloaded here (.pdf). Source: World Chess Federation - FIDE

Chess Women’s World Chess Championship: Ju Wenjun, Lagno, Kosteniuk, Muzychuk Through

The semifinals of the women's world championship will be played between Ju Wenjun, Lagno, Kosteniuk, Mariya Muzychuk. There is no denying it: quarter-finals are a big deal, everything is magnified, from the tension and suspense

Chess List of titles approved by the 2018 4th quarter PB in London, UK

FIDE publishes the list of titles approved by the 2018 4th quarter Presidential Board in London, UK November 8 - 9. GM FED Cori Quispe, Kevin Joel PER Gonzalez Perez, Arian FID     WGM   Uuriintuya, Uurtsaikh MGL  

Chess Interview with Alexander Morozevich

It is not the first time for one of the strongest chess players of his generation to work as a commentator at a major event, and he always approaches this job creatively. Here is the interview by the official website of the Women World Championship with GM Alexande

Chess Anand Wins Tata Steel Chess India Blitz

Viswanathan Anand won the Tata Steel Chess India blitz tournament in Kolkata. "It was just the most magical day," said the Indian superstar, who tied for first with Hikaru Nakamura with 12.5/18 and then defeated the American grandmaste

Chess Cecil’s Saturday Puzzle – November 3, 2018

from the Winnipeg Free PressWhite to mate in 2 (Loyd)1. e4 Source: Chess Manitoba

Chess Tomashevsky, Oparin Win November Titled Tuesday

Two Russians topped's November Titled Tuesday with performances of 8.5/10 each. GM Evgeny Tomashevsky (@EvgenyT), known as "The Professor" for his solidity, glasses, and demeanor, and Grigory Oparin (@OparinGrigoriy), one of Russia's r

Chess Chessbase 15 and 2019 Databases in stock now!

Chessbase 15 and 2019 Databases in stock now! ORDER HERE CHESSBASE is a personal, stand-alone chess database that has become the standard throughout the world. Everyone uses ChessBase, from the World Champion to the amateur next door. It is the program of choice fo

Chess Caruana’s approach to 1.c4 e5 Explained in an Opening Database by GM Boris Avrukh

Every chess player has faced the dilemma of how to meet the English opening. Caruana had to face it himself at the World Chess Championship and  GM Boris Avrukh has provided a detailed explanation at Modern Chess opening database here 1.c4 is objectively a weaker

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