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Riga, Latvia, June 11, 2019.–
The race for the 2020 World Chess Championship continues in Riga with the second leg  ofthe FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Series. The event takes place in Latvian capital from July 12 to  July 24, 2019.

The opening Press Conference took place on July 11

Riga, July 11, 2019 – The race for the 2020 World Chess Championship continues July 12 in Riga with the second tournament in the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix.

The second leg of the new FIDE Grand Prix series opened with a press conference today at the National Library of Latvia, featuring Arkady Dvorkovich, the president of the World Chess Federation, or FIDE; Ilya Merenzon, chief executive of World Chess, organizer of the Grand Prix; Aris Ozolins, President of Latvian Chess Federation and FIDE Baltic; as well as Andis ?teinmanis, General Manager at Kaspersky in Baltics.

The four-tournament series, which will unfold throughout the year, features 22 of the world’s top players fighting for two spots in next year’s Candidates Tournament to select a challenger for the World Championship title. The players are also competing for a total of €800,000 in prizes, with €130,000 in each Grand Prix and an additional sum of €280,000 for the overall performance in the whole Series.

The Riga Grand Prix will be held in the National Library of Latvia from July 12 to 24. As all Grand Prix events, the Riga leg is a knock-out tournament with 16 players. The winner is the one who wins four rounds. Each round consists of two games with the classical time-control, followed by faster tie-break games if necessary.

Players from 11 countries take part in the Grand Prix Series (Russia is represented by 5 Grandmasters). Chess fans all over the world will follow their favourite players to fight for the right to challenge incumbent Champion Magnus Carlsen.

Nowadays the attraction of chess tournaments is rising sharply among the millennials and the generation Z. The reason is wide-ranging availability of free broadcast with commentary on mobile devices. The Riga Grand Prix will be broadcast on www.worldchess.com, official platform, as well as on top media sites globally.

Andreу Guryev, CEO of PhosAgro, Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation: “I hope that after the second leg of the Grand Prix, the odds for our chess players to qualify for the Candidates Tournament, which increased after Ian Nepomniachtchi’s Moscow victory, will grow further. To facilitate that, our company, a strategic partner of FIDE, promises to sign a sponsorship contract with those Russian Grandmasters who win the Grand Prix series and enter the Candidates Tournament. We expect to see an exciting and intense fight in Riga, a place that carries the legacy of the legendary Soviet grandmaster, world chess champion Mikhail Tal!”

Arkady Dvorkovich, FIDE President: “We are pleased to kick off the second leg of the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Series in Riga. The Moscow stage showed that the knockout system had captivated our audience. We are grateful for the hospitality of our Latvian colleagues and look forward to new exciting matches! We hope that tournaments will be greatly enjoyed by the players and fans alike!”

Ilya Merenzon, Chief Executive of World Chess: “Chess is an intellectual contest, with medals to win and titles to loose. It is also a great opportunity to make new friends and have a great time. For two weeks we will watch as the best Grandmasters will fight for the chance to dethrone the World Champion. Chess fans can get a unique experience of the championship on the website as well as at the official broadcast at worldchess.com”.

Andis ?teinmanis, General Manager at Kaspersky in Baltics: “Chess is the world’s ultimate game of strategy, chess is a beautiful, intelligent – and very computerized sport. It’s not only a very interesting intellectual game with an ancient history, nowadays it’s a sport that uses leading innovative technology. We are happy to be supporting FIDE World Chess Grand Prix and as a partner of this tournament, we are proud to protect it from cyber-threats of any complexity”.

Leading partners supporting the FIDE World Chess Grand Prix Series 2019 include:

PhosAgro as the Official Strategic Partner;
EG Capital Partners as the Official Partner;
Kaspersky as the Official Cybersecurity Partner.

For further questions, please contact: press@fide.com.
Information for the press: https://mediakit2018.worldchess.com
Official website: https://worldchess.com/news/1349
Official Photos shared via Dropbox.


July 12-13 – Round 1, July 14 – Tie-break
July 15-16 – Round 2, July 17 – Tie-break
July 18-19 – Semi-final, July 20 – Tie-break
July 22-23 – Final, July 24 – Tie-break.
July 21 is a rest day.

The games start at 3:00 pm. The games will be broadcast live at www.worldchess.com.

Leading partners supporting the FIDE Grand Prix Riga 2019 include:

EG Capital Advisors as the Official Partner
PhosAgro as the Official Strategic Partner
Kaspersky as the Official Cybersecurity Partner
World Chess as the organizer

Information for the press: https://worldchess.com/news/2189
Official website https://worldchess.com/news/2089

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Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE