You have an opportunity to play in the 2018 Manitoba Closed Chess Championship
The 2018 Manitoba Closed Chess Championship will get underway in a few weeks, with at least 8 players contesting the title in a knock-out format.

In 2014,  The MCA board approved the adding of up to two qualifying spots to the Manitoba Closed Chess Championship through an at-large bidding process.
(On February 26, 2017, the Board approved a regulation that bidders for the wild-card spots must have a standard rating greater than 1800.) 

Players who did not otherwise qualify can provide a minimum $ 50 bid in order to play.  The two highest bids over $ 50 will get spots #9 and # 10 in the seeding. Qualifiers 7 and 8  (ordered by CFC rating), along with the new 2 additions will play in a preliminary knockout round, producing two winners who then play with the top six qualifiers. resorted by CFC rating).  If interested, please submit your bid to by Sunday, January 21, 2018.

Below is the current update regarding the format and the current qualifying players.

Source: Chess Manitoba