wKhpB1tNhA6AQDKeAAFfvyhi1Us944Тhe 9th Hainan Danzhou GrandMaster Chess Tournament in Hainan, China, which will begin on July 26, 2018, will also be held at the China Chess Association Hainan Zhangzhou Training Base.
It will be 8 players round-robin.

Players: Yu Yangyi, Duda, Wei Yi, Le Quang Liem, Shankland, Vidit, Bu Xiangzhi, Fedoseev.

Last year between July 8th and July 19th, 2017, the “Hai Ma Fumeilai Cup” was held in Hainan·Zhangzhou Guangcun Cigar Style Town Center Square. There are 5 GM from China, including Wei Wei, Ding Liren, Wang Wei, Yu Wei and Lu Shanglei, as well as five GM from abroad including Li Guanglian, Naiditz, Ivanchuk, Bonomarif and Marahof. Wei Wei from China won the championship.