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FIDE recommends that the following wording be used for the assignment of proxies:


“I, the [President/Delegate] of the federation of _______________________ [insert country], hereby assign a proxy to the Delegate of the federation of _______________________ [insert country] who is on the list published by FIDE on 4 September 2018 (or to his/her nominee, in case of re-assignment) to vote or take any action as may be necessary on our federation’s behalf at the FIDE General Assembly to be held in Batumi, Georgia in October 2018″.

Please note that:

A member federation can assign a proxy only in writing and only to a delegate of another federation who is on the list published by FIDE on 4 September. Once assigned, a proxy cannot be revoked. For a proxy to be valid, it must be dated and either signed or sent by the President or delegate of the federation. The proxy can be either an original or a copy, and can be delivered by any means. No other formal elements are necessary for the validity of the proxy. Where two proxies are received and there is a conflict, the order of priority shall be as follows:

I. Proxies received from the delegate
II. Proxies received from the President

Please be advised that a Delegate who has given his proxy to another Delegate can still vote a proxy if he has been given one.

Deadline to receive proxies is 19th September 2018 (17.00 Athens time).

Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE