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Pairings for FIDE Women’s World Championship 2018

Monday, October 15th, 2018

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FIDE announces the first round pairings for the forthcoming Women’s World Championship to be held in Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia, from 1st to 25th November 2018.

Round 1

Ju Wenjun (CHN) 1-64 Hardegen Kathryn (AUS)
Humpy Koneru (IND) 2-63 Toubal Hayat (ALG)
Lagno Kateryna (RUS) 3-62 February Jesse Nikki (RSA)
Muzychuk Anna (UKR) 4-61 Hamid Rani (BAN)
Kosteniuk Alexandra (RUS) 5-60 Vazquez Maccarini, Danitza (PUR)
Goryachkina Aleksandra (RUS) 6-59 Ouellet, Maili-Jade (CAN)
Muzychuk Mariya (UKR) 7-58 Wafa Shahenda (EGY)
Tan Zhongyi (CHN) 8-57 Sun Fanghui (CHN)
Gunina Valentina (RUS) 9-56 Aliaga Fernandez, Ingrid Y (PER)
Paehtz Elisabeth (GER) 10-55 Alinasab Mobina (IRI)
Dzagnidze Nana (GEO) 11-54 Miranda Llanes, Yerisbel (CUB)
Harika Dronavalli (IND) 12-53 Khukhashvili Sopiko (GEO)
Stefanova Antoaneta (BUL) 13-52 Foisor Sabina-Francesca (USA)
Pogonina Natalija (RUS) 14-51 Kuilkarni Bhakthid (IND)
Abdumalik Zhansaya (KAZ) 15-50 Padmini Rout (IND)
Batsiashvili Nino (GEO) 16-49 Arakhamia-Grant Ketevan (SCO)
Girya Olga (RUS) 17-48 Zhai Mo (CHN)
Zhao Xue (CHN) 18-47 Lujan, Carolina (ARG)
Javakhishvili Lela (GEO) 19-46 Zhu Jineer (CHN)
Saduakassova Dinara (KAZ) 20-45 Matnadze Ana (ESP)
Khotenashvili Bela (GEO) 21-44 Vo Thi Kim Phung (VIE)
Lei Tingjie (CHN) 22-43 Gara Anita (HUN)
Socko Monika (POL) 23-42 Shvayger Yuliya (ISR)
Ushenina Anna (UKR) 24-41 Mkrtchian Lilit (ARM)
Kashlinskaya Alina (RUS) 25-40 Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim (UZB)
Atalik Ekaterina (TUR) 26-39 Cori T., Deysi (PER)
Galliamova Alisa (RUS) 27-38 Nakhbayeva Guliskhan (KAZ)
Ni Shiqun (CHN) 28-37 Zhukova Natalia (UKR)
Bodnaruk Anastasia (RUS) 29-36 Vega Gutierrez Sabrina (ESP)
Hoang Thanh Trang (HUN) 30-35 Danielian Elina (ARM)
Zawadzka Jolanta (POL) 31-34 Nechaeva (Guseva) Marina (RUS)
Krush Irina (USA) 32-33 Gaponenko Inna (UKR)

Round 2

1-32   2-31
16-17   15-18
8-25   7-26
9-24   10-23
4-29   3-30
13-20   14-19
5-28   6-27
12-21   11-22

Round 3

1-16   2-15
8-9   7-10
4-13   3-14
5-12   6-11

Round 4

1-8   2-7
4-5   3-6

Round 5

1-4   2-3

Round 6


Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

Carlsen Starts With Win At European Club Cup

Sunday, October 14th, 2018

Magnus Carlsen is active at the European Club Cup, where he started with a win against Vladimir Potkin in round two. Earlier in the week, Carlsen had some PR activities and spoke about his match with Fabiano Caruana.
The European Club Cup is und…

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Chess : Magnus Carlsen’s No 1 ranking under pressure at European Club Cup

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

The European Club Cup, which has just begun in Halkidiki, northern Greece, is Magnus Carlsen’s final warm-up before the Norwegian’s world title defence against America’s Fabiano Caruana starts in London on 9 November. It will be a much sterner test for Carlsen than he would have expected. His world No 1 ranking, held without a break since July 2011, will be at risk if he has any serious setbacks. The chess event’s seventh and final round is on Thursday 18 October. Caruana’s Chess Olympiad victories against Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand, published here in the last two weeks, advanced his rating to 2832 against Carlsen’s 2839. Any Carlsen draws in Greece will lose rating points; any defeat will put him on the brink of dropping to No 2. Could it happen? The world No 3, Shak Mamedyarov, who leads a Baku squad which is …

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The Olympiad Tiebreaks Have To Change, Grandmasters Say

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Both the Open and Women sections of the Batumi Olympiad were decided by tiebreaks. Like just about every two years, this led to criticism on chess forums. According to grandmasters Peter Heine Nielsen and David Smerdon, the time has come to actual…

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Better Thinking, Better Chess: How a Grandmaster Finds his Moves

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Better Thinking, Better Chess: How a Grandmaster Finds his Moves
by Joel Benjamin
Finding strong moves doesn’t simply depend on how much you know about chess. In fact, greater conceptual knowledge makes choosing a move more complex as it increases the number of directions your mind can take. More important is optimizing your thought process.

Grandmaster Joel Benjamin knows that pointing out the moves his students missed is just half the job. They need to understand that they were looking in the wrong direction.

Chess engines offer little help in this because they can’t explain why you went astray. What’s more: an engine may send the wrong message! Many chess players don’t realise that the top computer move frequently isn’t the best move to play during the game.

This book will improve the structure and effectiveness of your decision making process. You will learn to:
— choose between two attractive continuations
— avoid taking the wrong direction at the start of your deliberations
— know when it is necessary to spend more time
— recognize unlikely moves
— understand when you need to sacrifice material
— and much more.

By applying a grandmaster’s train of thought you will more often arrive at strong moves and substantially improve your game.

At thirteen years of age Joel Benjamin broke Bobby Fischer’s record as the youngest ever US master. He won the US Championship three times and was the chess consultant for IBM’s Deep Blue computer, which made history by beating World Champion Garry Kasparov in an epic encounter. He has been teaching chess for many years. His previous book Liquidation on the Chess Board won the 2015 Best Book Award of the Chess Journalists of America (CJA).

ISBN: 9789056918071, Paperback, 224 pages, New in Chess


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Chess: China secure both Olympiad titles while England men finish fifth

Friday, October 12th, 2018

China scored a double triumph at the 185-nation chess Olympiad in Batumi, beating the United States and Russia on tie-breaks after a tense final round on Friday. Leading scores after 11 rounds were China, USA and Russia 18/22 match points, Poland and England 17. China also won the women’s Olympiad ahead of Ukraine and Georgia. Fifth (post tie-break) was England’s highest Chess Olympiad placing for 22 years, since fourth at Yerevan in 1996. The team, well captained by John Nunn, rode their luck at times and were blessed by favourable pairings but were also resilient, technically prepared in depth and professional in their match strategy. David Howell’s 7.5/10 on third board was the outstanding individual performance as the 27-year-old from Seaford advanced to 2699 on the live ratings. His only defeat was by the former world chess champion …

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FIDE Newsletter September 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Part 02

89th FIDE Congress in Batumi

The 89th FIDE Congress took place from 27th September to 5th October at the Sheraton Hotel in Batumi, Georgia.

The Congress is held concurrent with the 43rd Chess Olympiad.

The last three days of the Congress, 3-5th October, were reserved for the FIDE General Assembly, when also the FIDE Presidential elections and Continental elections took place.

Part 03

Arkady Dvorkovich elected FIDE President

Arkady Dvorkovich became the new FIDE President at the General Assembly in Batumi, Georgia on 3rd of October. 103 delegates voted for him, while former FIDE Deputy President Georgios Makropoulos received 78 votes, one vote was invalid. The third candidate Nigel Short withdrew his application during his final speech before the elections.

Arkady Dvorkovich’s biography: 

Part 01

Members of the Presidential Ticket of Arkady Dvorkovich are elected into office:

Bachar Kouatly – Deputy President
Sewa Enyonam Fumey – General Secretary
Mahir Mammedov – Vice President
Julio Granda Zuniga – Vice President
Zhu Chen – Treasurer

Olalekan Adeyemi, Martha Fierro, Akaki Iashvili, Michael Khodarkovsky, Anastasia Sorokina, Tahar Battikh, Nigel Short, Gulkiz Tulay, Lukasz Turlej, Jiangchuan Ye are the Vice Presidents of FIDE.

Mohammad Jafar Kambouzia, Damal Villivalam Sundar, Ian Wilkinson became the Honorary Presidents of FIDE.

Continental elections:

Lewis Ncube is the Continental President for Africa.
Jorge Vega is the Continental President for Americas.
Zurab Azmaiparashvili is the President of the European Chess Union.
Sheikh Sultan Bin Khalifa Al Nehyan is the Continental President for Asia.

43rd Chess Olympiad: Double gold for China!

Official website:

China is taking home two team gold medals from the 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi!

The 43rd World Chess Olympiad took place in Batumi, Georgia from 23 September till 6th of October.

The Chess Olympiad started on 23rd September with a grandiose Opening Ceremony at the Black Sea Arena in Shekvetili.

A record breaking 185 teams competed in the Open Section, while the Women Section had 151 teams participating.

Part 04

In the derby match of the final round in the Open section USA, the winner from Baku 2016, and China played out four draws, while Russia defeated France 2,5-1,5 thanks to Ian Nepomniachtchi’s point.

The three teams shared the first place with 18 points each, but the tie-break favoured China to claim the gold. USA is silver, while Russia took the bronze after a strong finish.

Poland played amazingly well throughout the event but narrowly missed the podium, finishing on shared 4th with England.

In a thrilling finale of the Women section China held Russia to a tie. Aleksandra Goryachkina beat Shen Yang, but World Champion Ju Wenjun equalized after almost a 100-moves long battle with former Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.

Ukraine defeated USA 3-1 to catch China on the top with 18 points each, but here also China had better tie-break, therefore UKraine took silver medal.

The hosting country Georgia signed an important 3-1 win against Armenia to claim the bronze medal.

Results, standings and multimedia on the official website of the 43rd Chess Olympiad.

Part 10

Open Section:

1. China
2. USA
3. Russia

Part 08

Women sections:

1. China
2. Ukraine
3. Georgia

Final Ranking – Women Section 

Board prizes Women

Board prizes Open

Part 06

Part 07

Part 09


Maghsoodloo and Maltsevskaya became World Junior Champions 2018

Official website: 

World Junior and Girls U20 Championship 2018 took place in Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey from 4 to 16 of September. 263 players from 62 countries took part in the championships. The open section had impressive number of titled players – 25 GMs and 40 Ims.

Parham Maghsoodloo from Iran won the gold medal, silver went to Abhimanyu Puranik from India and bronze to Sergei Lobanov from Russia. In the Girls section, Gulrukhbegim Tokhirjonova drew her last round game which allowed Aleksandra Maltsevskaya to become the winner of the championship. Tokhirjonova took the silver and bronze went to Nino Khomeriki.

Part 12

1 GM Maghsoodloo Parham 2649 IRI
2 GM Puranik Abhimanyu 2524 IND
3 IM Lobanov Sergei 2535 RUS

Final Results – Open Section

Part 11

1 Maltsevskaya Aleksandra RUS 2234
2 WGM Tokhirjonova Gulrukhbegim UZB 2369
3 WIM Khomeriki Nino GEO 2313

Final Results – Girls Section

Part 13

Upcoming Events in October

1st World Team Chess Championship for the Disabled Dresden, Germany 14-Oct-2018 21-Oct-2018
World Youth U14, U16, U18 Rapid and Blitz Championships 2018 Halkidiki, Greece 16-Oct-2018 20-Oct-2018
World Youth U14, U16, U18 Championships 2018 Halkidiki, Greece 19-Oct-2018 31-Oct-2018
European Chess Club Cup 2018 Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece 11-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018
European Chess Club Cup for Women 2018 Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece 11-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018
European Chess Club Cup 2018 Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece 11-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018
European Chess Club Cup for Women 2018 Porto Carras, Halkidiki, Greece 11-Oct-2018 19-Oct-2018

FIDE World Chess Championship Match

Official web-site of the Championship Match: 

Less the one month left until the start of the much-anticipated World Championship match which will be held in London from 9th to 28th November.

The World Chess Championship 2018 is a match between the reigning world champion since 2013, Magnus Carlsen, and challenger Fabiano Caruana to determine the World Chess Champion. The 12-game match, organized by FIDE and World Chess, will be played in London between 9 and 28 November 2018 with a prize fund of over EUR 1 mln. The Match takes place every two years.

Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

Nakamura Still Too Strong For MVL In Speed Chess

Friday, October 12th, 2018

Over the board the players consider themselves equals, but online Hikaru Nakamura is still too strong for Maxime Vachier-Lagrave. The American GM won yesterday's Speed Chess match with an eight-point margin.
It was the last quarterfinal of this …

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List of titles approved by General Assembly in Batumi, Georgia

Friday, October 12th, 2018

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FIDE publishes the list of titles approved by the General Assembly held in Batumi, Georgia on 3-5 October 2018.

Tan, Justin AUS
Hovhannisyan, Mher BEL
Liu, Yan CHN
Gallego Alcaraz, Andres Felipe COL
Quesada Perez, Luis Ernesto CUB
Dimitrov, Radoslav FID
Enchev, Ivajlo FID
Erigaisi Arjun IND
Karthik Venkataraman IND
Nihal Sarin IND
Basso, Pier Luigi ITA
Shytaj, Luca ITA
Van Foreest, Lucas NED
Christiansen, Johan-Sebastian NOR
Nasuta, Grzegorz POL
Ferreira, Jorge Viterbo POR
Iljiushenok, Ilia RUS
Vavulin, Maksim RUS
Kovacevic, Blazimir CRO
Khamrakulov, Djurabek UZB
Gascon Del Nogal, Jose Rafael VEN
Heinemann, Josefine GER
Vaishali R IND
Garayev, Kanan AZE
Xiang, Zeyu CHN
Berdayes Ason, Dylan Isidro CUB
Diaz Murgada, Rider CUB
Fernandez De La Vara, Arnaldo CUB
Hernandez Gonzalez, William CUB
Svoboda, Svatopluk CZE
Vykouk, Jan CZE
Horton, Andrew P ENG
McPhillips, Joseph ENG
Shishkov, Andrei EST
Burri, Quentin FRA
Kambrath, Yannick FRA
Buckels, Valentin GER
Kanakaris, Georgios GRE
Kourkoulos-Arditis, Stamatis GRE
Taher, Yoseph Theolifus INA
Arjun Kalyan IND
Bitan, Banerjee IND
Kulkarni, Rakesh IND
Muthaiah AL IND
Raja Rithvik R IND
Sai Krishna G V IND
Soham Das IND
Chan, Nicholas MAS
Villegas, Pierre MNC
De Rover, Yong Hoon NED
Hopman, Pieter NED
Haldorsen, Benjamin NOR
Sadovsky, Artem RUS
Saveliev, Alexei RUS
Smirnov, Alexander RUS
Hrabusa, Matej SVK
Can, Isik TUR
Buksa, Nataliya UKR
Omelja, Artem UKR
Peng, Li Min UKR
Yelisieiev, Yevhenii UKR
Jacobson, Brandon USA
Nieman, Hans M. USA
Nigmatov, Ortik UZB
Goossens, Hanne BEL
Salimova, Nurgyul FID
Kanakova, Natalie CZE
Antova, Gabriela FID
Juhasz, Barbara HUN
Priyanka Nutakki IND
Sapale Saloni IND
Sliwicka, Alicja POL
Kastner, Walter AUT
Tsypin, Vadim CAN
Barrios Lara, Adolfo Gerardo CHI
Song, Benlei CHN
Leakovic, Ivica CRO
Mahmoud, Maha EGY
Alonso Valiente, Alexis ESP
Pescador Canora, Enrique ESP
Rodriguez Lopez, Evaristo ESP
Munukka, Timo FIN
Delmotte, Eric FRA
Feit, Jean-Luc FRA
Holler, Frank FRA
Husemann, Dirk GER
Jordan, Dirk Dr. GER
Wanzek, Daniel GER
Lai, Robin HKG
Garay Munoz, Mario Gerardo HON
Ajeet Kumar, Verma IND
Pravin, Pantawane IND
Shivaprasad, K A IND
Shyam Sundar, T. IND
Mesbahi, Abdollah IRI
Mohsenpoor, Farhad IRI
Held, Mario ITA
Tornaboni, Claudio ITA
Peter Duke Michieka, King Oina KEN
A.Yo usuf, Sofian MAS
Chuah, Jin Hai Jonathan MAS
Lim, Poay Sim MAS
Lekhlifa, Mohamed MTN
Skjelstad, Erling NOR
Dzikowski, Michal POL
Judek, Magdalena POL
Cirjanic, Velibor SRB
Lukic, Igor M. SRB
Novoselski, Zoran SRB
Gunasinghe, W S SRI
Horodyskyi, Oleh UKR
Kuhns, David L. USA
Gomez Aranguren, Alexis Jose VEN
Montes de Oca Madrid, Miriam R. VEN
Ton, That Nhu Tung VIE
Thorpe, Thomas WLS
Pizarro Soza, Francisco CHI
Pant, Yagya Prasad NEP
Turyahabwe, Cristopher UGA
Ghafoul, Mohamed Amine ALG
Oukid, Amine Faycal ALG
Tsypina, Diana CAN
Vliebergh Reyes, Michel Andre CHI
Wang, Tianyu CHN
Carapinha, Francisco Manuel CPV
Herera Granados, Maria Jose CRC
Gonzalez Dominguez, Jorge Luis CUB
Martinez Perez, Miriam CUB
Ochoa Feria, Alfredo Rodolfo CUB
Perez Mujica, Marbelis CUB
Soukup, Vaclav CZE
Zamecnik, Ondrej CZE
Abdel Aal, Mohamed EGY
Abdel Aziz, Ahmed Reda EGY
Badr, Omar EGY
Hassan, Amrou EGY
Khatab, Esam EGY
Idiazabal Troyas, Artiz ESP
Salopaa, Tero FIN
Francois, Jean FRA
Lauferon, Patrick FRA
Regaud, Denis FRA
Bandlow, Matthias GER
Graf, Roland GER
Jaeger, Stefan GER
Jooss, Achim GER
Stern, Stefan GER
Weber, Michael GER
Winkler, Fabian GER
Paganoglou, Anastasia GRE
Stavropoulos, Aris GRE
Toumpeli, Zoi GRE
Quintana, Juan Jose GUA
Praytino INA
Arasu, B IND
Basavaraja, M. IND
Baskaran Anadam, Pillai IND
Borse, Suresh IND
Chandalia, Manish IND
Girdhar Lal, Deshmukh IND
Gobi, Krishnan K. IND
Kajal, Budhiraja IND
Manikandan, Chellappal IND
Marikkannu, P. IND
Muthukumar, Ramasamy IND
Naik, Chinmay IND
Pathak , Vivek Kumar IND
Ravi, Kumar IND
Shankar, Govindaraj B. IND
Shankar, Raman M IND
Sulthana, A P M IND
Upalavikar, Pornima IND
Vaishnav, Abhijit IND
Vijayalakshmi, K. IND
Vinoth, M. IND
Hashemi, Farzad IRI
Mahmoodi, Reza IRI
Mojarradi, Masoomeh IRI
Moslemi, Mohammadreza IRI
Nooronei, Shahrokh IRI
Savabieh, Vahideh IRI
Amer , Ahmed Dhiab IRQ
Diyar Hama, Salih Qader IRQ
Pshtiwan Ahmed, Shekh Hamad IRQ
Sabah, Ismael Tawfeeq IRQ
Salman Ahmed, Salman Abduri IRQ
Sattar, J. Al-Isawi IRQ
Leoni, Alessandro ITA
Minei, Giovanni ITA
Stilli, Gabrielle ITA
Bae, Junggi KOR
Kim, Yongtae KOR
Al Subhi, Abdulrahman KSA
Belali, Ahmad M KSA
Gerijan, Dinesh MAS
Goh, Jit Siang MAS
Lee, Boon Why MAS
Ng, Say Long MAS
So , Shan Ying MAS
Untiveros Palacios, Fidel PER
Andrade, Nuno Filipe POR
Ferreira, Carlos POR
Pais, Bruno Miguel dos Santos POR
Soto Gonzalez, Ismael R. PUR
Voges, Rachelle Mari RSA
Moksanova, Natalya RUS
Petrie, Fiona SCO
Stajic, Petar SRB
Lasantha, Ranjan SRI
Mudalige, L. V. SRI
Wickramathilake, Sachila I. N. SRI
Motuzova, Marta SVK
Aueakusonsomboom, Rungrot THA
Elden, Selda TUR
Tezuysal, Duygu TUR
Khrypach, Andrey UKR
Yavorosky, Valeriy UKR
Doyle, Bayron USA
Hungaski, Robert USA
Underwood, Martha USA
Dzumaev, Marat UZB
Mosqueda Mosqueda, Yessica Esmeralda VEN
Buchnicek, Petr CZE
Sikora, Jan CZE
Vatanov, Khursed TJK
Vieira, Matthieu FRA
Larkin, Sergii UKR
Delbono, Ruben URU
Anil, N J IND
Deshmukh, Preeti IND
Berisha, Besnik KOS
Solarays, John GHA
Soleimani, Zahra IRI
Mojarradi, Maliheh IRI
Rahimibashar, Mohammadreza IRI
Sadati, Seyed Abdollah IRI
Zhao, Yalun CHN
Hong, Tao CHN
Lian, Ruihui CHN
Yu, Ting CHN
Pilinci, Majlinda ALB
Martis, Valentino ARU
Beshukov, Aslan RUS
Vukojevic, Philippe BEL
Pomar, Marcelo Nascimento BRA
Egger, Jorge CHI
Pilalis, Christos GRE
Bayat, Kiumars IRI
Daneshfar, Mojtaba IRI
Javaheri Haghighi, Siavash IRI
Farhan, Naseer Jasim Alhasnawi IRQ
Eliasson, Kristjan Orn ISL
Mogranzini, Roberto ITA
Haji Mohamad, Amirul MAS
Gautam, Bidur Prasad NEP
Kreisl, Robert AUT
Panjwani, Raja CAN
Yang, Kaiqi CAN
Abdumalik, Zhansaya KAZ
Poghosyan, Suren ARM
De Schampheleire, Glen BEL
Chkhaidze, Nikoloz GEO
Gauri, Shankar IND
Harikrishnan.A.Ra IND
Molchanov, Oleksii UKR
Grabinsky, Aaron USA
Li, Ben USA
Wang, Tiangi USA
Garcia, Nicolas Gabriel ARG
Ozer, Ali TUR
Rosales Valdivieso, Claudio CHI
Ulusoy, Mustafa TUR
Perez Santos, Antonio CHI
Abate, Rudolph USA

Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

European Women Chess Club Cup 2018

Friday, October 12th, 2018

The European Club Cup 2018 will take place from 11th-19th October in Porto Carras, famous seaside resort in Halkidiki, Greece.

There are 73 chess clubs, with players coming from 47 European federations, registered for the event, 61 for the Open section and 12 for the Women section.

Live games with analysis from the women section of the European Club Cup will be daily on Additional analysis by the Neural Network Lc0, the same that will be used for the analysis of the World Chess Championship 2018 live games is going to be available at a special page on

European Chess Club Cup 2018 open live games here