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Georgian Chess Championship 2018 LIVE!

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

The 77th Georgian Championship will be held as knockout system between 16 players. Time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves plus 30 minutes with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1.

Live games with analysis daily on

Tournament schedule

I Round – January 16th 14:00 (Tbilisi time GMT+4)

II Round – January 17th 14:00

Tie-breaks – January 18th 12:00

I Round – January 19th 14:00

II Round – January 20th 14:00

Tie-breaks – January 21st 12:00


I Round – January 22nd 14:00

II Round – January 23rd 14:00

Tie-breaks – January 24th 12:00

Final for I-II and III-IV places:

I Round – January 25th 14:00

II Round – January 26th 14:00

Tie-breaks – January 27th 12:00


Jonny, Texel, and Laser pull ahead at TCEC Div 2

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018
TCEC Season 11 logo by Santiago Mendez

TCEC Season 11 logo by Santiago Mendez

Jonny, Texel and Laser have registered a fantastic start at Division 2 of premier computer chess championship TCEC. The three engines have collected 7,5/10 each, with the closest competition being already 2,5 points behind. Texel and Jonny are traditionally strong engines and have been dubbed division favorites before the start of the event. It is Laser, which qualified from Division 3 that can spoil their party, as only two engines will qualify for the prestigious Division 1.

Fritz, which dominated the field in Division 3, is now at fourth position with 5,0/10, with little chance to qualify or relegate. It will have its own mid-table battle with the newly updated Vajolet and Arasan.

Bobcat and Wasp are at the last positions. While the first did not manage to provide an update for this season, the latter did, but is lacking something to provide competitive chess in the first rounds of the division.

TCEC official website / Season 11 division system / Full list of participants / TCEC facebook page / TCEC Twitch TV channel

TCEC Division 2 standings

1. Jonny 7,5/10
2. Texel 7,5/10
3. Laser 7,5/10
4. Fritz 5,0/10
5. Vajolet 4,5/10
6. Arasan 4,5/10
7. Bobcat 2,5/10
8. Wasp 1,0/10



Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

official logo

FIDE are happy to announce that after communication with the temporary FIDE relationship commission members (consisting of GM Kiril Georgiev, GM Antoaneta Stefanova, GM Alexander Delchev and interim FIDE rating officer ICCF IM and FIDE IA Milen Petrov) we have come to the following agreement:

1) We will be able to register new Bulgarian players on FIDE site but only after approval and proper association from FIDE office. All newly registered players will fall under FIDE flag.

2) We will be able to start registering tournaments valid for FIDE rating and norms. All requests for FIDE rated tournaments must be sent up-front to the following email address: with copy to After the tournament is approved by the commission, it will be registered on FIDE web site.Organizers should receive confirmation about approval/decline.

3) We will be able to send tournament reports to FIDE rating server as any other federation, but following more strict rules, specified below.

4) Every registered FIDE rated tournament must be fully compliant with FIDE rules and must be led by FIDE licensed arbiters.

5) No late tournament registrations are allowed.

6) Within 5 days after the finish of the tournament Chief Arbiter is obliged to send the tournament report to the interim rating officer and then it will be uploaded to the server, only if all necessary documentation is proper, in the prescribed 7 days period. All Tournament reports must be accompanied with payment transaction details – transaction ID, amount, payer, tournament name.

7) All organizers are obliged to pay FIDE rating fees directly to FIDE as it will be announced locally and according to the FIDE Handbook. It is their duty to sort these. No tournament report will be sent to FIDE without clear approval that the payment is made. Possible payment methods are Credit Card and Paypal.

Credit Card
Internet Address: 
Holder Name: Federation Internationale Des Echecs
Instructions: Choose enter payment manually at the top and always provide name and reason for payment

Holder Name: Federation Internationale Des Echecs

8) All Chief Arbiters must be very careful with issuing any FIDE title norms. So any FIDE player must play with at least 3 other different federations (FID not counted as a federation). This one is valid for any player under FIDE flag.

Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

Anand Wins With Flair, Joins Giri In Lead

Monday, January 15th, 2018

With some cute tactics, Viswanathan Anand nicely defeated Fabiano Caruana today at the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. The Indian grandmaster joined Anish Giri in the lead. Anton Korobov and Vidit Santosh Gujrathi are tied for first in the …

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Anand Wins With Flair, Joins Giri In The Lead

Monday, January 15th, 2018

With some cute tactics Viswanathan Anand nicely defeated Fabiano Caruana today at the Tata Steel Chess Tournament. The Indian grandmaster joined Anish Giri in the lead. Anton Korobov and Vidit Santosh Gujrathi are tied for first in the C…

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Open di Lugano 2018

Monday, January 15th, 2018

Enjoy the holidays in one of the most beautiful Swiss cities! Lugano is considered as a part of “Mediterranean Switzerland” due to its mild climate and its location on the bay of the lake Lugano.

The city also offers wonderful landscape composed of the Alps and the quiet lake and is at the same time third financial city after Zurich and Geneva. With a population of 55,000 Lugano is easy to reach – Milan airports are at a distance of about 90 km, Bergamo (with many low-cost flights) – 120 km. Lugano also has its own airport – for domestic flights.

This edition of the New-OPEN di Lugano will take place from 15-18 February 2018 at Hotel de La Paix, Viale Giuseppe Cattori 18, Lugano (Switzerland)

It will be separated into Open A (open to all, regardless of their rating) and Open B (open to all players rated below 2050 Elo) and it will be played in a 6-round Swiss format with a time control of 90 min.+ 30 sec./move for 40 moves, then 15 min.+ 30 sec./move till the end of the game. Both events will be valid for FIDE rating. Entry fee – OPEN A: CHF 120.– / Junior (60) + Women CHF 100.– GM/IM: free OPEN B: CHF 80.–/ Junior (60) + Women CHF 60.–

A total prize fund in the amount of CHF 8,300 max., CHF 5,700 min. will be granted at this year’s edition.

Check-in – February 15th, 16:00 pm – 18:00 pm;
Round 1 – Febr. 15th, 18:45 pm (1 hour tolerance)
Round 2 – Febr. 16th, 10:00 am
Round 3 – Febr. 16th, 16:00 pm
Round 4 – Febr. 17th, 10:00 am

Round 5 – Febr. 17th, 16:00 pm
Round 6 – Febr. 18th, 10:00 am (Rd 2-6 30 min. tolerance)
Closing ceremony – Febr. 18th, 16:30 pm

David Camponovo, Via San Gottardo 26, CH-6900 Lugano - – Mobile +41 76 328 60 90

Official website – , Regulations –


First Steps: The Scandinavian by Cyrus Lakdawala

Monday, January 15th, 2018

First Steps: The Scandinavian by Cyrus Lakdawala


The Scandinavian (also known as the Centre Counter Defence) occurs when Black meets White’s 1 e4 with 1 … d5, immediately countering in the centre. White invariably continues with 2 exd5 when Black can choose between two systems, both of which are covered in this book. Firstly 2 … Qxd5, which regains the pawn immediately but exposes the black queen early on – a feature that complicates the play for both players. Secondly 2 … Nf6, which invites White to risk attempting to hold onto the d5-pawn. If White goes down this path then a complex tactical struggle can easily develop.

First Steps is a new opening series and is ideal for improving players who want simple and straightforward explanations.

First Steps emphasizes:

  • the basic principles
  • the basic strategies
  • the key tricks and traps

First Steps books are based around carefully selected instructive games which demonstrate exactly what both sides are trying to achieve. There is enough theory to enable the improving player to get to grips with the opening without feeling overwhelmed. If you want to take up a new opening, First Steps is the ideal place to start.

Click here to download a sample PDF of this book

ISBN: 9781781944547, Paperback, 224 pages, Everyman Chess


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World Senior Chess Championship 2018

Monday, January 15th, 2018

official logo

The World Chess Federation (FIDE), the Slovenian Chess Federation, the Municipality of Bled and the European Chess Academy have the honour to invite all senior women and men throughout the world to participate in the 28th World Senior Chess Championship (50+ and 65+) organised in the Olympic city of Bled, Slovenia, 17th November (arrival) to 30st November (departure) 2018.



Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

2018 FIDE Candidates’ Tournament Player’s Contract

Monday, January 15th, 2018

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FIDE publishes the Player’s Contract for participation in the 2018 Candidates’ Tournament (8 – 29 March 2018, Berlin, Germany).


Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

16th Delhi GM Open: Naiditsch breaks through Karthikeyan’s Berlin Wall

Monday, January 15th, 2018

The eighth round of the 16th Delhi GM Open was destined to be a cracker of a contest. There were two players tied in the lead with 6.5/7 — Double Indian champion GM Karthikeyan Murali, rated 2580, and the top seed GM Arkadij Naiditsch of Azerbaijan rated 2701. Furthermore, there were 15 players tied just behind them at 5.5/7.

Naiditsch had the white pieces against Karthikeyan and he decided to open with the king’s pawn, to which the Indian replied with the notoriously famous Berlin Defence. The resulting queenless position is a well-known middlegame that is closer to the endgame than most other structures. Naiditsch displayed supreme strategic understanding to use his minor pieces to dominate over Karthikeyan’s army. Karthikeyan surrendered on the 29th move.

Arkadij Naiditsch now leads with 7.5/8 and has all but sealed his victory.

Arkadij Naiditsch

Arkadij Naiditsch

Among the fifteen players pursuing the Azeri and Indian, four games saw results. GM Sergei Tiviakov, rated 2584, effortlessly crushed Indian IM Harsha Bharathakoti.

Bangladesh’s GM Ziaur Rahman made a good comeback after a sad loss to the top seed in the last round. He defeated the fifth-seeded Russian GM Ivan Rozum rated 2595 with the black pieces. Rozum allowed his queenside pawns to be clamped down by Rahman’s monstrously strong knight in the center. This allowed the Bangladeshi to weave threats around the white king on the kingside and force a dangerous passed pawn on f4 that finished the story for the Russian.

In a surprise victory, newly crowned International Master Akash Pc Iyer managed to outwit Ukrainian GM Vitaly Sivuk, rated 2550. On the second table, Russian GM Andrey Deviatkin rated 2471 defeated defending champion and second seed GM Farrukh Amonatov of Tajikistan.

Farrukh Amonatov

Farrukh Amonatov

Delhi GM Open 2018 has been home to several norm seekers over the years and this edition is no different. Tamil Nadu’s IM Aakash Pc Iyer needs a draw on the top table against the top seed Naiditsch to score a GM norm. Maharashtra’s IM Md. Nubairshah Shaikh needs a win against IM P. Karthikeyan, rated 2497, to score a GM norm.

West Bengal’s Kaustuv Kundu rated 2324 needs a draw against IM Harsha Bharathakoti to score an IM norm. Arjun Tiwari of the Railways with a humble rating for 2179 has outperformed the expectations and now needs a draw in the final round against IM Rahul Sangma to score an IM norm.

Maharashtra’s Sammed Shete rated 2337 has completed his IM norm requirements with a round to spare. Shete had caused a flutter in the eighth round when he defeated GM Timur Gareyev of the USA rated 2605.