houdiniHoudini, by Robert Houdart, is the winner of Season 10 of the Top Chess Engine Championship. After 96 out of 100 games Houdini has collected 50,5 points to secure the title.

Houdini’s performance up to game 96 was impressive – 14 wins with white, 9 wins with black and 73 draws – making this Superfinal with one of the highest win rates ever. Houdini also was the first engine in recent TCEC Superfinal history to prove advantage in the same opening position as both white and black. Games 76 and 77 were Scotch with 4.Nxd4 Bb4+ and Houdini won them on both sides of the opening – replay game 76 / replay game 77.

With its gold medal Houdini becomes the engine with most titles in TCEC history.

Second place in TCEC Season 10 goes for Komodo. It also proved very strong in given positions and was the first to achieve a black win in game 52. Komodo had a very slow start of the match, but around the halfway point Komodo started returning games and reduced the score by the end of the match.

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Official website of Houdini / Official website of Komodo

TCEC Season 10 rapid and blitz starts tomorrow

The TCEC rapid and blitz, including all engines of S10, starts right after the Superfinal’s last game of the season. The rapid and blitz will handle two additional titles. The current reigning TCEC rapid champion from S9 is Houdini. Replay TCEC S9 rapid games here

The rapid and blitz will be followed by TCEC Season 11. Read more about it here