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SPF Girls’ Invitational concluded

Friday, July 29th, 2016

The 2016 Susan Polgar Foundation Girls’ Invitational was held from 23-28th July at the SPICE Building at Luhr Library Building, Webster University in Saint Louis.

Over 600 photos:


# Name Rtng Club Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Rd 6 Tot
1-4 Alice Dong 2112 NJ W35 W28 W27 L5 W19 W10 5.0
1-4 Paula Sarmiento Robles WFM 1841 ECU W44 W22 L8 W24 W20 W7 5.0
1-4 Laura Zayas Gonzalez WFM 2255 CUB W40 W19 D10 D8 W9 W5 5.0
1-4 Veronika Zilajeva 1927 LAT W37 W11 D6 D10 W21 W8 5.0
5 Anna-Maja Kazarian WFM 2276 NED W20 W16 W18 W1 D8 L3 4.5
6 Thalia Cervantes Landeiro WCM 2161 MO W42 W34 D4 L9 W16 W17 4.5
7 Rebecca Giblon 1987 CAN L36 W47 W42 W17 W15 L2 4.0
8 Danitza Vazquez Maccarini WIM 2111 PUR W23 W15 W2 D3 D5 L4 4.0
9 Yi Lin Li 1950 CAN W32 D13 W25 W6 L3 D12 4.0
10 Marissa Li 1942 IL W55 W21 D3 D4 W13 L1 4.0
11 Iris Zhou 1689 MO W62 L4 W33 W18 D12 D25 4.0
12 Cynthia Cui 1807 CAN W57 D43 D14 W22 D11 D9 4.0
13 Andrea Botez 1766 CAN W48 D9 D36 W14 L10 W32 4.0
14 Atmika Gorti 1647 VA W51 D26 D12 L13 W46 W34 4.0
15 Jennifer Acevedo Mendez WFM 1781 CRC W53 L8 W49 W36 L7 W35 4.0
16 Mathanhe Kaneshalingam WCM 1797 CAN W61 L5 D35 W43 L6 W41 3.5
17 Claire Cao 1819 PA W50 D24 W43 L7 W40 L6 3.5
18 Saithanusri Avirneni 1947 GA W49 W29 L5 L11 W41 D30 3.5
19 Naomi Santiago 1786 MEX W54 L3 W32 W31 L1 D24 3.5
20 Yassi Ehsani 1637 NY L5 W57 W39 W28 L2 D21 3.5
21 Polina Karelina WCM 1698 BAH W52 L10 W37 W27 L4 D20 3.5
22 Veronika Vancsa 1667 HUN W63 L2 W46 L12 W33 D26 3.5
23 Gauri Menon 1584 WI L8 W53 L34 W38 W52 D28 3.5
24 Samhitha Dasari 1656 GA W64 D17 D26 L2 W49 D19 3.5
25 Annastasia Wyzywany 1829 LA W33 W41 L9 D30 D34 D11 3.5
26 Sheena Zeng 1812 KS W46 D14 D24 D41 D30 D22 3.5
27 Linda Shi 1893 CAN W31 W30 L1 L21 D37 W36 3.5
28 Maggie Luo 1774 VA W45 L1 W55 L20 W31 D23 3.5
29 Cindy Zhang 1739 CA W59 L18 L31 D35 W43 W40 3.5
30 Cassie Parent 1685 IL W58 L27 W44 D25 D26 D18 3.5
31 Marie Fornes 1437 FRA L27 W58 W29 L19 L28 W54 3.0
32 Sophie Tien 1575 WA L9 W48 L19 W53 W47 L13 3.0
33 Triyakshari Venkataraja 1368 NC L25 W56 L11 W58 L22 W52 3.0
34 Javanna Smith WFM 1786 TTO W39 L6 W23 D40 D25 L14 3.0
35 Neha Dias 1584 SC L1 W45 D16 D29 W39 L15 3.0
36 Shimera Paxton 1583 TN W7 D38 D13 L15 W48 L27 3.0
37 Shi Yuan [Sherry] Tian 1440 CAN L4 W62 L21 W59 D27 D42 3.0
38 Rachael Li 1274 TX H— D36 L40 L23 W58 W49 3.0
39 Sydney Mah 1342 CAN L34 W60 L20 W42 L35 W55 3.0
40 Aiya Cancio 1622 AZ L3 W61 W38 D34 L17 L29 2.5
41 Ingrid Guo 1660 GA W56 L25 W50 D26 L18 L16 2.5
42 Carmen Pemsler 1618 ID L6 W54 L7 L39 W57 D37 2.5
43 Gloria Friedman 1641 MN W60 D12 L17 L16 L29 W51 2.5
44 Sneha Prabu 1389 OH L2 W63 L30 L52 D45 W57 2.5
45 Chloe Parke 1086 UT L28 L35 L56 W64 D44 W61 2.5
46 Ioana Murgulet 1344 TX L26 W51 L22 W56 L14 D47 2.5
47 Viktorija Zilajeva 762 LAT H— L7 D57 W50 L32 D46 2.5
48 Anna Salzgeber 1081 MS L13 L32 W64 W55 L36 U— 2.0
49 Joy Cao 1533 MA L18 W59 L15 W54 L24 L38 2.0
50 Karen Salzgeber 1364 MS L17 W64 L41 L47 W59 U— 2.0
51 Chitra Satyanarayan 741 UT L14 L46 L59 W62 W63 L43 2.0
52 Dylan Porth 1041 ID L21 L55 W60 W44 L23 L33 2.0
53 Willow Letard 1214 NM L15 L23 W63 L32 L55 W62 2.0
54 Christina Scheible 1255 VA L19 L42 W62 L49 W56 L31 2.0
55 Jade Ge 1471 MI L10 W52 L28 L48 W53 L39 2.0
56 Emma Milner 863 CA L41 L33 W45 L46 L54 W63 2.0
57 Charity Farell 1316 OK L12 L20 D47 W61 L42 L44 1.5
58 Madison Ford-McKnight 969 PA L30 L31 W61 L33 L38 D59 1.5
59 Cassandra Roshu 1080 OR L29 L49 W51 L37 L50 D58 1.5
60 Rebekah Griffin 691 MS L43 L39 L52 D63 L61 W64 1.5
61 Maanasi Limaye 1307 AL L16 L40 L58 L57 W60 L45 1.0
62 Mariana Castellanos Miguel 1000 MEX L11 L37 L54 L51 W64 L53 1.0
63 Shamiyah Boozer 880 PA L22 L44 L53 D60 L51 L56 0.5
64 Jayda Hooker 811 KY L24 L50 L48 L45 L62 L60 0.0


Friends and Family Champion: Chris Miller
2-4 Hongiao Zeng, Andrew Giblon and Ben Shoyket

Bughouse Champions: “Dong-Li” Alice Dong and Marissa Li and “We are going to Baku!” Danitza Vazquez Maccarini & Javanna Smith – Both with 9/10

Puzzle Solving Champion: Laura Zayas Gonzales 60/60

Blitz Champions: Thalia Cervantes Landeiro & Danitza Vazquez Maccarini 9/10

Best written essay about the SPFGI experience = $100 gift certificate / Winner: Alice Dong

Best dressed player = $100 gift certificate Winner: Annastasia Wyzywany

Ms. Congeniality: Yi Lin Li

Upset prizes: Biggest upset prize (each round) = $50 x 6 = $300 gift certificate

Round 1: Shimera Paxton (vs. Rebecca Giblon) +404
Round 2: Rachael Li (vs. Shimera Paxton) + 154
Round 3: Madison Ford-McKnight (vs. Maanasi Limaye) + 338
Round 4: Viktorija Zilajeva (vs. Karen Salzgeber) +602 (biggest upset!)
Round 5: Sherry Shi Yuan Tian (vs Linda Shi) + 226
Round 6: Viktorija Zilajeva

Top under 13 = $500 Iris Zhou
Top under 10 = $500 Atmika Gorti

Champion: Webster University scholarship* (full tuition and fees approximately $25,000 + per year x 4 years) Champion’s Cup. (In case of a tie, a playoff will used to determine the level of scholarships) + 1st place = $2,500 chess scholarship from SPF
2nd place: Webster University scholarship (approximately $14,000 + per year x 4 years) + $1,500 chess scholarship from SPF
3rd place: Webster University scholarship (approximately $12,000 + per year x 4 years) + $1,000




Kramnik Withdraws From Sinquefield Cup, Cites Back Problems

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Due to health issues, GM Vladimir Kramnik has withdrawn from the Sinquefield Cup, which starts next week in St. Louis. GM Peter Svidler will replace Kramnik.
Vladimir Kramnik is a regular Grand Chess Tour participant and…

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Kramnik Withdraws From Sinquefield Cup, Cites ‘Back Problems’

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Due to health issues, GM Vladimir Kramnik has withdrawn from the Sinquefield Cup which starts next week in St. Louis. GM Peter Svidler will most probably replace Kramnik.
Vladimir Kramnik is a regular Grand Chess Tour pa…

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Summer Chess Festival Mare di Fano

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

A wonderful tournament on the Italian Adriatic coast will take place from 30th July to 6th August.

The Summer Chess Festival ‘Mare di Fano’ will run for the fifth time, bringing together amateur and professional players.

In the middle of the summer, chess aficionados will have an opportunity to enjoy sea, delicious Italian food and competitive chess in the company of at least 10 invited GMs and IMs, hence a possibility to achieve norms.

Summer Chess Festival Mare di Fano

The Open section is composed of five parts: Major A group (> 1900), B group (<2000), C group (< 1600), U-16 and a Rapid tournament.

Currently 128 players are signed to take participation. Top seeded is GM Alexandr Fier (elo 2620).

Whether hunting for norms or simply enjoying a summer holiday + a chess tournament, the Fano Chess Festival is bound to provide an unforgettable chess adventure.

Summer Chess Festival Mare di Fano 2

Reasonably priced recommended hotels situated along the beach, respectable prizes, side events, an antique picturesque town dating back to the Roman times and a friendly chess atmosphere make this tournament highly recommended.

A welcome package containing three gifts is awaiting each participant – with a selection of local produce, the tournament’s program and a colourful armband. Two thematic guided visits with an expert local guide to the Roman historic sites of the town are offered free of charge.

The tournament falls during a festive summer season with a rich cultural program.

Summer Chess Festival Mare di Fano 3

The organiser, Dario Pedini, has had under his direction several highly successful international (10) Open tournaments as well as many Italian National Championships (6), most notably the Italian Rapid Championships, which he has organised for the last three years to a high acclaim.

Consult the tournament’s website for players list, PDF brochure and an Entry Form.

Tournament Director Dario Pedini may be contacted via the website, mobile tel: +39 335 224916, or email

Summer Chess Festival Mare di Fano 4

Summer Chess Festival Mare di Fano 5


Vladimir Sakotic linked with ghost ECU in Delaware

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

sahThe European Chess Union has issued agenda and annexes for the ECU General Assembly 2016 which will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan on Saturday 10th of September 2016.

Point 7. of the agenda is as follows: ECU Board motion against the Bulgarian Chess Federation membership

ECU Board unanimously decided to propose to the ECU General Assembly 2016 the suspension of the Bulgarian Chess Federation from ECU, according to the Articles 7(a) and 7(b) – Membership of the ECU Memorandum and Articles of Association.

According to the Article 7(b), the General Assembly shall hear oral representations on behalf of the Board and the Bulgarian Chess Federation.

In case the ECU General Assembly decides in favor of the suspension, the ECU Board will examine the possibility that the Bulgarian chess players will still be able to participate individually in European Championships under the ECU or FIDE flag.

The motion is backed by “ECU notice & exhibits sent to the Bulgarian Chess Federation (annexes 6a & 6b)” and “written answer received from the Bulgarian Chess Federation (annex 7)”

Annex 6b is a massive 122-page report No.DI1SF – 18/16.02.2016 by the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance – Agency for State Financial Inspection from 16th February 2016, Entr.No. 1-077.035.

The subject scope of this Public Financial Inspection was: “Checking the legality and documentary support related to the financial relationships between the Association “Bulgarian Chess Federation” and “European Chess Union” in terms of funding received from the Ministry of Youth and Sport in 2014 under contracts No.36-00-14 /21.04.2014 and No.36-00-381 /05.08.2014.

From page 96 the report states that the accounting documentation of Bulgarian Chess Federation contains no originals of invoices based on which BCF made payments to ghost company ECU Delaware under the contract for organizer of ghost tournaments “European Individual Cups for men and women 2014″.

However, the BCF records contain “color documents of invoices on paper bearing the letterhead of European Chess Union containing visibly uniform illegible signature on all invoices, the name of CEO of European Chess Union – Vladimir Sakotic and blue print seal of ECU”.

Each such invoice coming from Vladimir Sakotic contains the same bank account under which to be transferred the amounts, namely:
A Banka DD Ljubljana, Slovenska 50, Ljubljana, Slovenia, account of the recipient No.SI*******; European Chess Union, 16192 Coastal Highway, Lewis Delaware.

Under the five aforementioned invoices a total 147,800 euros are transferred to ghost ECU Delaware, of which:
- For host fee (advance and surcharge) – 2 invoices for a total of 60,000 EUR
- Organizational fee – 1 invoice for 30,000 EUR
- Fee for players with titles GM/IM/FM (advance and surcharge) – 2 invoices for a total of 57,800 EUR

Before payments written orders are issued for the transfer by the BCF Executive Director Nikolay Velchev.

These invoices bear no clarification on how they calculated the amounts invoiced and according to which financial regulations of the European Chess Union the amounts are due.

The conclusion of the Inspection is that invoices with specified address of the holder of the bank account (Slovenia, Delaware), other than the address of the ECU (Switzerland) failed to meet the requirements of Bulgarian Accounting Act.

All the above refers only to a small portion of the report dealing with “European Individual Cups for men and women 2014″. These ghost events are also being investigated by Interpol (PDF file).

The report examined 467,000 EUR that BCF received from Bulgarian Ministry of Youth and Sport only in 2014.

The investigation into earlier years 2012 and 2013 is just starting. In total Bulgarian State has paid to BCF around 1,5 million EUR for international competitions, most of the sum seeming then to be transferred to bank accounts in Slovenia belonging to an offshore company in Delaware.

Vladimir Sakotic is also involved in Budva case and in the Serbian chess scene, holding in his possession the documents that belong to the Serbian Chess Federation but were never filed in federation records. These documents were signed by former SCF president Miroslav Kopanja.


Giri’s Second Also In Spotlight: Vidit Santosh Wins Lake Sevan

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

GM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi, who recently started working with GM Anish Giri, won the Lake Sevan tournament on Tuesday. The Indian player edged out GM Vladislav Artemiev on tiebreak.
“I’m often asked how incredibly much I must have learned,&…

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2016 Joe Dreman Memorial – Winnipeg Open has been rated by the CFC

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

see the crosstable here:

Congratulations to the following who achieved new peak established ratings:

Myron Kernetsky 2126
Will Bonness 1912
Carter Marshall 1381
Ken Marshall 1377

Source: Chess Manitoba

FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman claims 14th Dubai Juniors Chess Tournament – Maktoum Bin Hamdan Cup

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

14th Dubai Juniors Chess Tournament winners

Fide Master (FM) Mohammad Fahad Rahman of Bangladesh crowned himself this year’s champion of the 14th Dubai Juniors Chess Tournament – Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup following an exciting final-round victory over the UAE’s Candidate Master (CM) Omran Al Hosani on Tuesday at the Dubai Chess and Culture Club.

Official website

Rahman’s English Opening did not yield any significant advantage against Al Hosani, who was able to seize the initiative in the endgame with his rook, bishop and centralised king pressing against Rahman’s weak e-pawn. The Emirati, however, committed a strategic error on the 32nd move with a pawn push that seriously weakened his kingside pawn chain, while allowing Rahman to activate his rook and knight.

Although Al Hosani managed to cover his weaknesses, his missed an actively counter play that would have allowed his rook to penetrate the white fortress via the f-file, keeping the game unbalanced. Instead, the Emirati chose to passively defend his kingside pawns, which ultimately proved ineffective as Rahman gradually consolidated his position and eventually won more material en route to a 46-move victory.

Rahman scored eight points, half a point ahead of Indian second-seed Rahul Srivatshav P, who defeated fifth-seed Kazybek Umbetov of Kazakhstan, and top-seed FM Viktor Matviishen, who won over Armenia’s 11th-seed Hayk Kocharyan. Srivatshav, however, claimed the runner-up prize with a superior tiebreak score, relegating Matviishen to third place.

FM Mohammad Rahman receives the Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup and the US$2,000 champion’s prize

FM Mohammad Rahman receives the Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup and the US$2,000 champion’s prize

CM Sultan Al-Zaabi emerged the top scorer among UAE players with seven points after winning over compatriot Amer Sultan in the final round. Fourth-seeded Ahmad Ahmadzada of Azerbaijan, who also had seven points following a victory over the UAE’s Sultan Al Darmaky, secured fourth place with a higher tiebreak score, with Al-Zaabi securing the fifth spot.

Omran Al Hosani and compatriot Ebrahim Ahmed Ebrahim joined seven others in the next rung of the standings with 6.5 points each. Omran Al Hosani and Ebrahim placed 11th and 14th respectively after the tiebreaks.

Others with 6.5 points in order or ranking were Umbetov, Korcharyan, Armenia’s Eduard Hakobyan and India’s Ranjan Aryan, Gurmeher Singh, Kush Devnani and Pranav.

Rahman received the Sheikh Maktoum Bin Hamdan Al Maktoum Cup and the US$2,000 champion’s prize from Khalid Khalid Al Midfa, Assistant Secretary-General of the Public Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare, Ahmad Khalifa Al Thani, Secretary-General of the Arab Federation Chess Federation and Vice-President of Dubai Chess and Culture Club, Ali Al Mutawa, Director of Corporate Support Department of the Dubai Sports Council, and Jamal Al Abdooli, Secretary-General of the club. The rest of the top 10 winners also received cash prizes.

The best Emirati award went to CM Omran Al-Hosani, while the top Dubai Chess Club player was Ebrahim Ahmed Ebrahim.

Ebrahim Ahmed Ebrahim emerged Dubai top scorer with 6.5 points

Ebrahim Ahmed Ebrahim emerged Dubai top scorer with 6.5 points

Final standings:

1 FM Mohammad Fahad Rahman BAN 2157 8
2 Rahul Srivatshav P IND 2273 7.5
3 FM Matviishen Viktor UKR 2390 7.5
4 CM Ahmadzada Ahmad AZE 2099 7
5 CM Al-Zaabi Sultan UAE 1674 7
6 Umbetov Kazybek KAZ 2002 6.5
7 Hakobyan Eduard ARM 1753 6.5
8 Kocharyan Hayk ARM 1573 6.5
9 Aryan Ranjan IND 1836 6.5
10 Singh Gurmeher IND 1401 6.5
11 CM Al Hosani Omran UAE 1821 6.5
12 Devnani Kush IND 1375 6.5
13 Pranav IND 1173 6.5
14 Ebrahim Ahmed Ebrahim UAE 1207 6.5
15 Al Darmaky Sultan UAE 1500 6
16 Sultan Amer UAE 1233 6
17 Aaditya Hari Krishnan IND 1355 6
Johary Rishabh IND 0 6
19 Al-Marshool Saeed UAE 1245 6
20 Al Shamsi Hamad Naseer UAE 1207 6
21 Mohammed Fawwaaz IND 1479 5.5
22 Sidharth Balaji Sridharan IND 1420 5.5
23 Al Hosani Saeed UAE 1550 5.5
24 Kapoor Gurveen ENG 1358 5.5
25 Fatima Al Wahabi UAE 1285 5.5
26 Jijo Joy IND 1601 5.5
27 Yatrik Pratihar IND 1282 5.5
28 Khalifa Essa Albalooshi UAE 1178 5.5
29 Shamsa Amer UAE 1080 5.5
30 Arya Ranjan IND 1161 5.5
31 Mohammed Ghalia UAE 1312 5.5
32 Nawaf Abdulrazzaq UAE 1103 5.5
33 Faraj Mariam UAE 1037 5.5
34 Khezrian Nooralzahra IRI 1070 5.5
35 Al Mazrouei Khalid Abdullah UAE 0 5
36 Sivadurga Adduri IND 0 5
37 WCM Rouda Essa Alserkal UAE 1251 5
38 Hmouda A H Binhmouda UAE 1177 5
39 Hamdan Saeed Ali UAE 1140 5
40 Gupta Aakarsh IND 1186 5
41 Junius James IND 0 5
42 Yasmin Ali UAE 1438 5
43 Hakobyan Allen ARM 0 5
44 Shahd Abdulla Al Mazrouei UAE 0 5
45 Abdulla Mahmood Abdulla Mohamm UAE 0 5
46 Abdulla Mohammad Hussain UAE 0 5
47 CM Eisa Mohmood Alkhoori UAE 1247 5
48 Gamage Ranasinghe Yuman R SRI 1107 5
49 Al-Blooshi Hamad Essa UAE 1166 5
50 Latifah Darmaki UAE 1047 5
51 Zamanbek Mereilim KAZ 0 4.5
52 Naik Atharv IND 1320 4.5
53 Sidharth Hariharan IND 0 4.5
54 Hazza Salah Mohammed UAE 1304 4.5
55 Abhinav Deshwal IND 0 4.5
56 Khalifa Amer UAE 1138 4.5
57 Vyas Arya Ajay IND 1214 4.5
58 Shamma Al Serkal UAE 1157 4
59 Bekbauov Noel KAZ 1379 4
60 Al Darmaky Saif UAE 1333 4
61 Viswanath Raghu Rohan IND 1155 4
62 Al Husani Zayed UAE 1181 4
63 Zayed Marshool UAE 1197 4
Essa Shahad UAE 0 4
65 Rashed Ahmad Alhajjaj UAE 0 4
66 Al Nuaimi Saeed Sebaa UAE 1032 4
67 Singh Ziana IND 0 4
68 Abed baset Osayed PLE 0 4
69 Ahmed Waqqas Alawlaqi UAE 0 4
70 Hamdan Edrees Alhamed UAE 0 4
Shaurya Dinesh Sawlani IND 0 4
72 Anood Ahmad UAE 1003 4
73 Shooq Ahmed Al Wahedi UAE 0 4
74 Sara Abdulaziz Aidarous UAE 0 4
75 Viswanathan Pavithra FID 0 4
76 Khezrian Neda IRI 0 4
” Zishan, Mohamed Zishan Riyad ” FID 0 4
78 Hassan Essa Alblooshi UAE 0 4
79 Mohammad Abdulrahman Alawadhi UAE 0 3.5
80 Ahlam Rashed UAE 1303 3.5
81 Mesfer Al Mesafri UAE 0 3
82 Amulya Guruprasad IND 0 3
83 Zamanbek Aiganym KAZ 0 3
84 Al Khoori Noora Mahmood Abdul UAE 0 3
85 Mera Abdulaziz Aidarous UAE 0 3
86 Shamma Habib Al Beloshi UAE 0 3
87 Shamma Ahmed Hmouda Bin Hmouda UAE 0 3
88 Khalid Nasser Rashid UAE 0 3
89 Latifa Sami Alzarouni UAE 0 3
90 Sara Ahmad Ibrahim UAE 0 3
91 Marshool Abdullah UAE 0 3
Mayed Mohammad Hussain UAE 0 3
93 Rashid Nasser Al Shamsi UAE 0 3
94 Mohammed Fahad Al Ahbabhi UAE 0 3
95 “Mouza Saeed, Albedwawi ” UAE 0 3
96 Rashed Abdulla UAE 0 2
97 Saeed Rashed UAE 1115 2
98 Chaitanya Sankar Jayasarathy IND 0 2
99 Hala Gamal Amin UAE 0 2
100 Ayesha Abdulla Khamis UAE 0 2
101 Haneen Gamal Amin UAE 0 2
102 Arya Hitenkumar Pandya IND 0 2
103 Hind Mohammad Bin Abdulla UAE 0 2
104 Khezrian Ali USA 0 2
105 Jahan Ajay Vyas IND 0 1
106 Vishal Choudary B IND 1104 0
Alanood Abdulla Alshehhi UAE 0 0
Iyer Adwaita S. IND 0 0
Mareh Abdulmajid, Alqadasi  UAE 0 0
Nami Saeed IRI 0 0
Singh Shiven UAE 0 0


Giri’s Second Also In Spotlight: Vidit Wins Lake Sevan

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

GM Santosh Vidit Gujrathi, who recently started working with GM Anish Giri, won the Lake Sevan tournament on Tuesday. The Indian player edged out GM Vladislav Artemiev on tiebreak.
“I’m often asked how incredibly much I must have lear…

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Giri’s Second In Spotlight Too: Vidit Wins Lake Sevan

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016

GM Santosh Vidit Gujrathi, who recently started working with GM Anish Giri, won the Lake Sevan tournament on Tuesday. The Indian player edged out GM Vladislav Artemiev on tiebreak.
“I’m often asked how incredibly much I must have lear…

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