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NYT: Masters of Chess, Not Self-Promotion

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

In an interesting piece on the recently held Candidates tournament, the New York Times discusses the various issues involving the promotion of chess for corporate sponsorship, from the broadcast exclusivity demanded by AGON to magazine photoshoots with the players. Accompanying the write-up is an excellent gallery of images by James Hill. Well worth a look.

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23rd Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival 2016Abu Dhabi Chess Festival Committee has the honor of inviting you to take part in a distinguished chess annual event, which consists of numerous FIDE registered tournaments.

It will be held in Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the UAE from 21st until 29th of August, 2016.

Abu Dhabi Chess & Culture Club is organizing the festival in cooperation with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and guarantees the tournament will be held in accordance with FIDE chess rules and regulations.

Masters Tournament:
Open for players rated 2100 ELO and above. (Exception Abu Dhabi chess players). Tournament will be a 9 rounds Swiss system, time control 90 min for each player and 30 seconds increment for each.
The organizing committee shall provide free accommodation in a five stars’ hotel for players rated 2200 and above (prior approval from the committee is needed in order to guarantee the accommodation. Only for limited players who register first).
FIDE ID is required. Entrance Fees AED 100. IM’s & GM’s are exempted from this condition.

Last year winner was GM Nils Grandelius

Open Tournament:
Open for players rated 2100 ELO and below. The tournament will be a 9 rounds Swiss system, time control 90 min for each player and 30 seconds increment for each move.
FIDE ID is required. Entrance Fees AED 80. IM’s & GM’s are exempted from this condition.

Juniors Tournament (under 16 years):
Open for players born in 2000 or later. The tournament will be a 7 rounds Swiss system, time control 70 min for each player for the whole game. Top four players from each age group (U10, U12, U14, and U16) will qualify for the finals, which will be a knockout system tournament.
FIDE ID is required. Entrance Fees AED 50. IM’s & GM’s are exempted from this condition
*Only rated junior players are eligible to play in two tournaments (open and juniors tournament). Exception Abu Dhabi Chess players if the committee accepted.

Blitz tournament: Swiss system, 11 rounds, 3 min + 2 sec increment. Entrance Fees AED 50. IM’s & GM’s are exempted from this condition.

Simultaneous exhibition: Held by a renowned international GM. Free Registration.

Homeland protector’s tournament: Open to members of military and police and national service. Swiss system, 7 rounds, 15 min. If there are 10 or less teams participating, the tournament will be a round robin. Free Registration.

Family Team Tournament: Swiss system, 7 rounds, 15 min. Open to teams of 2 players (player + one of the parents). If there are 10 or less teams participating, the tournament will be a round robin. Free Registration.

Prizes (in U.S. dollars):

Masters tournament 13000 7,500 5,500 3,500 2000 1500 1000 800 700 600
Open tournament 2000 1500 1200 1000 800 500
Open tournament best 1800 & below 1000 700 500
Open tournament best unrated 1000 700 500
Juniors tournament 1500 1000 700 500 400 300
Juniors tournament best U14 500 300 150
Juniors tournament best U12 500 300 150
Juniors tournament best U10 500 300 150
Blitz tournament 1000 700 500
Family team tournament 500 300 200
Homeland protector’s tournament 700 500 300

Special prizes
1. Simultaneous exhibition winners.
2. Best UAE player in Masters Tournament.
3. Best UAE Female Player in Master Tournament
4. Best UAE player in Open Tournament.
5. Best UAE Female Player in Open Tournament
6. Best UAE player in Juniors Tournament.
7. Best UAE female player in Junior’s Tournament
8. Best player of the Abu Dhabi Chess Club in each category (U8, U10, U12, U14, and U16)
9. Best female player of the Abu Dhabi Chess Club in each category (U8, U10, U12, U14, and U16)

For further information, please contact Mr. Zuhair Ahmad, general coordinator of the festival on phone number: (+971566113117) or email: or you can visit our website Festival Site

Abu Dhabi Chess Club Site


It’s Karjakin vs. Carlsen for the World Chess Title

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

On Monday in Moscow, Sergey Karjakin, 26, was trying to explain to journalists how he won the Candidates chess tournament, an eight-player double-round robin event to determine the challenger for the world chess champion Magnus Carlsen in the title match in November. Karjakin’s one point victory margin seems large, but the tournament’s finishing stage was dramatic and exciting. Three players had a shot at first place. In the last two world chess championship matches, Carlsen defeated Vishy Anand. At the mature age of 46, the Indian grandmaster and the former world chess champion was still in the mix in Moscow. Anand beat Karjakin in round 11 and with three rounds to go he joined Fabiano Caruana in the lead. In the next round Anand collapsed against the U.S. chess champion Hikaru Nakamura, but he played a huge role till the end. Meantime, Nakamura’s …

Source: GameKnot online chess news

April 2016 FRL

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

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FIDE publishes April 2016 FIDE Rating List. The list of top players is published at Top lists page of FIDE ratings website. All players can check new ratings at the main page of FIDE ratings website.

Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

Huffington: It’s Karjakin vs. Carlsen…

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

… for the World Chess Title. Karjakin’s one point victory margin at the Candidates seems large, but the tournament’s finishing stage was dramatic and exciting, with veteran Anand playing a key role in determining the winner. Huffington Post columnist Lubomir Kavalek looks back at the final phase of the event and points out to some interesting tidbits from the rich history of the Candidates.

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Grandelius gains entry to Norway Chess

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

On 18th April one of the strongest tournaments of the year will begin: the Altibox Norway Chess Tournament 2016. M. Carlsen, V. Kramnik, A. Giri, L. Aronian, M. Vachier-Lagrave, V. Topalov, S. Karjakin, P. Eljanov and Pentala Harikrishna were invited, the tenth participant was established in a qualifier. Which Swedish GM Nils Grandelius managed to win.

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Philadelphia Open 2016: Ruifeng Li and Aleksandar Indjic share first place

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

The 10th Annual Philadelphia Open was held over the Easter weekend from March 23-27, 2016, at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

The event had 7 sections: Open, Under 2200, Under 2000, Under 1800, Under 1600, Under 1400 and Under 1100.

The Open Section was a 5-day 9-round Swiss tournament with FIDE norms possible. 87 players competed in this group.

The 15-years old IM Ruifeng Li and 2014 Serbian champion GM Aleksandar Indjic shared the first place with 7,0/9 points to earn $5225 each. Ruifeng Li took the winner’s trophy and bonus on better tie-break.

Aleksandar Indjic

Aleksandar Indjic

Open section final standings:

1-2. IM Ruifeng Li 2486 USA and GM Aleksandar Indjic 2542 SRB – 7,0

3-7. GM Denis Kadric 2546 BIH, GM Giorgi Margvelashvili 2532 GEO, GM Ioan Chirila 2524 ROU, GM David Berczes 2482 HUN and FM Craig Hilby 2343 USA – 6,5

8-10. GM Samuel Sevian 2580 USA, IM Aleksandr Ostrovskiy 2387 USA and FM Christopher Wu 2330 USA – 6,0

11-23. GM Joshua Friedel 2519 USA, IM Akshat Chandra 2491 USA, GM Alexander Fishbein 2485 USA, IM Zurab Javakhadze 2453 GEO, GM Sandro Pozo Vera 2439 CUB, FM Joshua Sheng 2397 USA, IM Kaiqi Yang 2380 CHN, IM Farai Mandizha 2364 ZIM, Erik Santarius 2343 USA,FM Sam A Schmakel 2323 USA, John Gabriel Ludwig 2319 USA, FM Yuanchen Zhang 2242 CAN and Martire Duarte 2167 DOM – 5,5 etc

The event had a $80,000 prize fund, based on 500 paid entries, with $60,000 guaranteed.


Karpos Open 2016 – Participants

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Hotel Aleksandar PalaceThe 2016 Karpos Open is taking place from 1-7th April at the Hotel Aleksandar Palace in Skopje, FYR Macedonia.

The 9-round Swiss tournament is offering 10,000 EUR in prizes. A total of 205 players from 25 federations registered to take participation. Among them are 27 Grandmasters and 30 International Masters.

The tournament is organized by the Municipality of Karpos and Chess Club Gambit Asseko-See.


2. GM MARKUS Robert SRB 2647
3. GM ROMANOV Evgeny RUS 2635
4. GM GEORGIEV Kiril BUL 2626
5. GM PERUNOVIC Milos SRB 2620
6. GM KOZUL Zdenko CRO 2609
7. GM BRKIC Ante CRO 2598
8. GM SARIC Ante CRO 2594
10. GM DVIRNYY Danyyil ITA 2572
11. GM DJUKIC Nikola MNE 2566
12. GM SVETUSHKIN Dmitry MDA 2561
13. GM NIKOLOV Momchil BUL 2559
14. GM MAIOROV Nikita BLR 2558
15. GM MASTROVASILIS Athanasios GRE 2538
16. GM KOVACEVIC Aleksandar SRB 2520
17. GM BLAGOJEVIC Dragisa MNE 2509
18. IM PANCEVSKI Filip MKD 2500
19. IM VALSECCHI Alessio ITA 2492
20. IM LENIART Arkadiusz POL 2484
21. GM DRENCHEV Petar BUL 2480
22. GM MILANOVIC Danilo SRB 2480
23. GM ANTIC Dejan SRB 2478
24. GM NEDEV Trajko MKD 2474
25. GM SUNDARARAJAN Kidambi IND 2474
26. IM ENCHEV Ivajlo BUL 2470
27. IM ALI MARANDI Cemil Can TUR 2466
28. GM COLOVIC Aleksandar MKD 2460
29. IM ANNABERDIEV Meilis TKM 2460
30. IM FIRAT Burak TUR 2460
32. IM VOJINOVIC Goran SRB 2449
33. IM KANMAZALP Ogulcan TUR 2444
36. GM TOSIC Miroslav SRB 2414
37. GM ABRAMOVIC Bosko SRB 2404
38. GM BOGDANOVSKI Vlatko MKD 2404
39. RADOVANOVIC Nikola SRB 2395
40. IM BERZINSH Roland LAT 2394
41. IM YANEV Tihomir BUL 2391
42. IM VEGA GUTIERREZ Sabrina ESP 2379
43. IM ZLATANOVIC Boroljub SRB 2375
44. IM KONGUVEL Ponnuswamy IND 2368
46. FM PLENCA Jadranko CRO 2366
47. IM ERTURAN Yakup TUR 2362
48. FM LIVAIC Leon CRO 2358
49. WIM TSOLAKIDOU Stavroula GRE 2355
50. IM NIKOLOV Sasho BUL 2346
51. IM L’AMI Alina ROU 2342
52. FM LAZOV Toni MKD 2341
53. FM STOJCEVSKI Zoran MKD 2338
54. IM RADLOVACKI Jovan SRB 2329
55. IM MITKOV Marjan MKD 2328
56. DANOV Lyubomir BUL 2326
57. IM MAKSIMOVIC Branimir SRB 2324
58. FM KOKSAL Ege TUR 2322
59. IM ATAKISI Umut TUR 2315
60. FM SUPANCIC Darko SLO 2313
61. FM DINEV Dejan MKD 2308
62. IM CVETKOVIC Srdjan SRB 2302
63. FM JOVANOVIC Bojan P SRB 2298
64. GOKERKAN Cem Kaan TUR 2295
65. FM ANDONOVSKI Ljubisa MKD 2293
66. FM BAGLAN Esat TUR 2285
67. IM PIASETSKI Leon CAN 2282
68. IM ZUPE Miran SLO 2281
69. WIM BLAGOJEVIC Tijana MNE 2273
70. FM PERCIVALDI Martin DEN 2270
71. FM VUJACIC Borivoje SRB 2261
72. STOINEV Metodi BUL 2246
73. SARACI Nderim KOS 2243
74. FM OZEN Bahadir TUR 2221
75. DHANUSH Bharadwaj IND 2221
76. PETROV Georgi SRB 2221
77. BURCU Cagatay TUR 2219
78. WFM INJAC Teodora SRB 2217
79. FM SEVGI Volkan TUR 2208
80. WIM ISGANDAROVA Khayala TUR 2204
81. FM STRUGNELL Carl WLS 2202
82. FM TICA Sven CRO 2200
83. FM NIKOLOVSKI Nikola MKD 2197
84. FM ILIC Ljubomir MKD 2189
85. BALOKAS Dimitrios GRE 2173
86. VLADIMIROV Vladimir MKD 2169
87. FM VELESKI Robert MKD 2168
88. DORFANIS Ilarion GRE 2166
89. GLAVINAC Goran MKD 2158
91. ZUGAJ Fjodor SLO 2155
92. DEBEVEC Blaz SLO 2150
93. ISKOS Alexandros GRE 2142
94. FM OZEN Deniz TUR 2139
95. FM KACAKOVSKI Dimitar MKD 2127
96. VESELINOV Dimcho BUL 2126
97. DEDEBAS Emre Emin TUR 2113
98. POLATEL Ali TUR 2106
99. BIZOPOULOS Alexandros GRE 2098
100. PEEV Kosta MKD 2098
101. SARI Yasin TUR 2094
102. GJORSHEV Ljupcho MKD 2093
103. KONSTANTINOV Aleksandar MKD 2089
105. LIVAIC Damir CRO 2074
106. BYTYQI Gzim KOS 2068
107. SAHIN Ozgun TUR 2066
108. MANELIDIS Savvas GRE 2065
109. YAZICI Ugur Doga TUR 2061
110. STOSEVSKI Ilija MKD 2050
111. GULDEN Egemen TUR 2049
112. ILIEV Nikolay BUL 2048
113. BEJATOVIC Bojana MKD 2045
114. OLCUM Ahmet TUR 2035
115. VALSAMIDIS Ioannis GRE 2035
116. WFM STOJKOVSKA Monika MKD 2034
117. DODIC Dragan SRB 2033
118. APREA Daniele ITA 2027
119. SELKOVSKI Zarko MKD 2026
120. GUREL Ahmet Unal TUR 2025
121. WCM PEYCHEVA Gergana BUL 2022
122. STANOJEVIC Ilija SRB 2011
123. MINAS Ioannis GRE 2007
124. ARIZANOV Tome MKD 2004
125. BACHAUS Sander NED 2004
126. MIHOV Filip MKD 1987
127. MARKOVSKI Velo MKD 1983
128. TAYLOR Robert Graham WLS 1980
129. BAL Enes Emre TUR 1978
131. PAPAPOSTOLOU Apostolos GRE 1968
132. ATANASOV Margarit BUL 1963
133. SOILEMETZIDIS Konstantinos GRE 1958
134. ERYIGIT Yakup TUR 1951
135. DAGHAN Devran TUR 1942
136. AYDIN Hasan Bora TUR 1941
137. WCM ARDA Cagil Irmak TUR 1934
138. NIKOLOVSKA Dragana MKD 1922
139. ZDRAVKOVIC Dragan S SRB 1914
140. WAGNER Leopold Franziskus GER 1909
141. GJORGJEVSKI Janco MKD 1903
142. ANGUN Batu TUR 1887
143. GEORGIEVA Emilia BUL 1874
144. BATKOSKI Nenad MKD 1856
145. VASILEVSKI Igor MKD 1854
146. TEVDOVSKI Zoran MKD 1849
147. GOLUBOVIC Tomislav MKD 1842
148. DOGAN Sevval TUR 1839
149. STOJANOV Ptolomej Petar MKD 1831
150. KARATRAJKOV Nikola MKD 1774
151. RUIZ DELGADO Basilio ESP 1762
152. JOVCHEV Riste MKD 1759
153. ZHEZHOV Emil MKD 1757
155. GOTTFRIED Jonathan BEL 1749
156. STANCHEV Mitko MKD 1738
157. MITEVA Silvena BUL 1713
158. LAKINSKA Simona MKD 1706
159. NIKOLOV Kole MKD 1689
160. PETROVIC Lazar MKD 1687
161. RISTESKI Emil MKD 1684
162. MANOVA Ivana MKD 1678
163. SILIVRI Volkan Resat TUR 1664
164. HAZNEDAROGLU Hacer TUR 1661
165. VELJANOSKI Andrej MKD 1661
166. LAKUSIC Zoran MNE 1653
167. TALESKI Vaso MKD 1647
168. KJOSEV Vlatko MKD 1624
169. VELKOVSKI Kristijan MKD 1605
170. VLAHOVIC Velimir MKD 1575
171. TOPALOV Nikola MKD 1560
172. AKIN Yagiz Cinar TUR 1558
173. ARDA Dogasu TUR 1554
174. DIMKOVSKI Stojancho MKD 1527
175. BIRGELIR Melisa TUR 1523
176. ERSOZ Celalettin TUR 1513
177. OZGUNER Hakki Ata TUR 1513
178. DANCHEVSKI Gorast MKD 1508
179. KRSTEVSKI Vladimir MKD 1506
180. CM GOKCEK Kursat Bugra TUR 1497
181. KOSTESKI Mile MKD 1489
182. JORDANOV Nikola MKD 1479
183. ZVEZDAKOSKI Matej MKD 1440
184. JORDANOV Mihail MKD 1365
185. EFTOVSKI Mateo MKD 1342
186. EFTOVSKA Lea MKD 1311
187. GUMUSAY Binnaz Hazal TUR 1254
188. KUCUKKILINC Berat Osman TUR 1245
189. KAYA Elif TUR 1193
190. ZRMANOVSKA Mihaela MKD 1107
191. ATESH Emir MKD 0
192. ATESH Irfan MKD 0
194. CAKONCHEV Hristijan MKD 0
195. EFTIMOV Viktor MKD 0
196. KJOSEV Stefan MKD 0
197. LOSHKOV Konstantin MKD 0
198. MURATI Ramush KOS 0
200. SPASOV Aleksandar MKD 0
203. VELKOVSKI Stoislav MKD 0
204. ZLATKOV Anton MKD 0
205. ZLATKOV Dimitar MKD 0


Grand Pacific Open 2016

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

The 10th Annual Grand Pacific Open was held from 25-28th March at the Hotel Grand Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

The 6-round Swiss event had three rating sections and guaranteed prize fund of $5000.

The 10th Annual Grand Pacific Open drew a blowout record 152 players from around the world: Brazil, France, 6 states and 7 provinces.

The player list was headed by pre-tournament favorite GM Alexandr Fier, IM Bindi Cheng, and a number of FMs, NMs, a WGM, and the usual suspects from the local BC chess playing scene.

Grand Pacific Open

Players of a certain age will remember the Ross brothers, IM Dave and FM Paul, who apparently were using the GPO as a warmup event prior to their participation in this year’s World Senior Team Championship.

Although the clear favorite rating wise by a wide margin, GM Fier had his scored nibbled away by NM Robert Sasata with a round 3 draw and a round 5 draw with BC Champion Jason Cao. In the end, Fier tied for first with Cao and FM Kevin Gentes with Cao taking the trophy on tiebreak. Congratulations to Jason Cao!

The full standings for the main event

There were a number of side events starting with a set of simuls against WGM Nino Maisuradze and GM Alexandr Fier. As is the usual case in such events, the featured players scored heavily winning all but one of the games against the roughly 26 players with only Andrew Hempstapat holding a draw against Fier.

Grand Pacific Open

Next up was the VYCC (Victoria Youth Chess Championship), a qualifying event for juniors to the national Youth Chess Championship.

The ever popular Midnight Blitz drew what I think is also a record 43 players and was won by Becca Lampman with a perfect 8-0 score.

And as every year, the tournament closed out with a Bughouse tournament.

Finally, a big thank you to our sponsors, both corporate and individual donors, all of those who volunteered in some way, our head TD Mark S. Dutton, IA, side event TD Elliot Raymer, and supervisors for the lower boards Charles Huang and Robin Luo.

Organizers: Brian Raymer, Paul Leblanc, Roger Patterson
Head TD: Mark S. Dutton, I.A.

Official website


Komodo Coasts To Victory Over Benjamin

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

The world’s highest rated chess playing entity, Komodo, set the tone in the recent Man Vs. Machine odds match against GM Joel Benjamin by converting a magnificent positional duel in game one.
In the increasing odds that followed, Komodo demonstr…

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