To: All National Chess Federations, Chess Media

Dear chess friends,

During the last days there has been an orchestrated attack to the FIDE
President and FIDE officials concerning the FIDE/AGON contract.
Although the truth is very well known among the chess family, it is
only after the recent contract between Garry Kasparov and Ignatius
Leong, involving the purchase of promised votes from national ches
federations, that this issue has surfaced again through certain
Kasparov-friendly websites and twitter accounts.

The most recent example is Peter Doggers, a writer for websites and, who continues to present an initial
memorandum proposed by Andrew Paulson as a “contract” between FIDE and
AGON. Although it has been explained to Mr Doggers that this is not a
contract but only one of many proposals submitted by Andrew Paulson
during negotiations, Mr Doggers still published an article here
, twisting the real facts and not publishing the whole reply of Mr
Makropoulos but only some parts of it
, as obviously Mr Doggers tries
to hide the reality from his readers.

For the sake of correct journalist principles, and because this
concerns important FIDE business, FIDE publishes here the full reply
of Deputy President Mr Makropoulos from which anyone can understand
why Mr Doggers, clearly on a mission, refrained from publishing the
whole of it. We expect from Mr Doggers to correct his moral mistake,
avoid further censorship on statements made by FIDE officials and
inform his readers with the full reply of Mr Makropoulos.


Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE