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Anish Giri perfect after 5 at Qatar Masters

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

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Alabama chess record turnout in Madison

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Young, eager chess players ready to play in the K-6 Elementary Section at the Queen’s Quest Chess Tournament. Madison City Chess League sponsored the event which had a record attendance register to play. (Photo: Ranae Bartlett, Madison City Chess League)

Alabama chess record turnout in Madison
By Michael Ciamarra
on November 30, 2014 at 7:35 AM, updated November 30, 2014 at 8:22 AM

The Queen’s Quest Chess Tournament attracted 157 students to compete in a five-round tournament on Nov. 22, at the Columbia Elementary School, in Madison. The Madison City Chess League sponsored and organized the K-12 scholastic chess event.

The record number of chess players was a result of the exemplary organizational activities and outreach to schools by the Madison City Chess League. Chess organizer, and Madison City Chess League director, Ranae Bartlett is very active promoting chess as an important educational tool. Bartlett and her team of volunteers and chess coaches have worked hard cultivating scholastic chess in north Alabama.

“Chess teaches analysis, logic and problem solving skills. Chess improves memory and concentration and teaches planning and foresight. Playing chess also teaches lessons such as perseverance and good sportsmanship,” says the Madison City Chess League’s website.

The Queen’s Quest Chess Tournament had the biggest turnout of K-12 players in Alabama this year. Preston Smith won first place in the Open Section. Gerald Larson was chief tournament director, with assistant tournament directors Joshua McClellan and Caesar Lawrence helping with individual sections of the event.

Prize winners

Open Section (K-12) and Jr. High Section (K-9): 1st Place – Preston Smith; 2nd Place – Michael Guthrie; 3rd Place – Caleb Werth; 4th Place – Elora Holland; 5th Place – David Appleberry; 6th Place – Sean Zullo Open Team Results: 1st Place – Discovery Middle; 2nd Place – Huntsville Middle; 3rd Place – Liberty Middle

Elementary Section (K-6): 1st Place – Constance Wang; 2nd Place – Joel Friedman; 3rd Place – Josh Lin; 4th Place – Mohak Agarwalla; 5th Place – Om Badhe; 6th Place – Jenson Wilhelm Elementary Team Results: 1st Place – Rainbow Elementary; 2nd Place – Columbia Elementary; 3rd Place – Mill Creek Elementary

Primary (K-3) 1st Place – Dustin Springfield Jr.; 2nd Place – Geon Park; 3rd Place -Pranaav Satheesh; 4th Place – Aaron Woods; 5th Place – Zachary Calinsky; 6th Place – Ashton Springfield. Primary Team Results: 1st Place – Columbia Elementary; 2nd Place – Rainbow Elementary; 3rd Place – Heritage Elementary

For more information on the Madison City Chess League contact: Ranae Bartlett

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Russian superfinal round 3 results

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Round 3 results

Svidler, Peter vs Morozevich, Alexander [0-1]
Jakovenko, Dmitry vs Lysyj, Igor [1-0]
Zvjaginsev, Vadim vs Nepomniachtchi, Ian [1/2-1/2]
Karjakin, Sergey vs Vitiugov, Nikita [1/2-1/2]
Grachev, Boris vs Khismatullin, Denis [1/2-1/2]

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Can Norway beat Magnus Carlsen?

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen will be the main star in an epic three-hour long entertainment show on NRK1 on Sunday 30th November. All Norwegians will have the opportunity to play against the chess king.

Magnus Carlsen recently returned from Sochi, Russia, after winning the World Chess Championship for the second year in a row.

Now he will play against the Norwegian nation through the free app “Kongen av sjakk” (King of Chess) and also against the select group of people in NRK studio.

- “This is a really fun concept and I’m looking forward to be part of it”, Magnus Carlsen said.

Presenters Ingrid Gjessing Linhave and K?re Magnus Bergh will host the live entertainment show “King of chess.”

Expert commentators are Torstein Bae, Heidi R?neid and Ole Rolfsrud. They will also talk about the “fun facts” and statistics will be presented on the big screen.

Magnus is ready for battle. Are you?

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GM Ivan Bukavshin wins Kharlov Memorial in Kazan

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Rapid Chess Tournament in memory of GM Andrei Kharlov was held on 29-30th November at the Nezhmetdinov Chess Club in Kazan, Russia.

The Tatarstan Chess Federation organized the 9-round Swiss event with the time control 15′+5” and prize fund of 1700 EUR.

Grandmaster Ivan Bukavshin emerged clear winner with 7,5/9 points, leaving FM Dmitry Ospennikov and IM Evgeny Kalegin half a point behind.

GM Yakov Geller, GM Valery Yandemirov, GM Arsenij Alavkin, Vitaly Rodchenkov and IM Azat Sharafiev finished on 6,5 points each. 83 players competed.

Kazan is currently hosting the Russian Championship Superfinal

Photos by Salman Shaydullin

Andrei Kharlov Memorial 1

Andrei Kharlov Memorial 2

Andrei Kharlov Memorial 3

Andrei Kharlov Memorial 4

Andrei Kharlov Memorial 5


More upsets in round 5 at Qatar Masters

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Full results:

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Carlsen sigue siendo el rey

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

El noruego Magnus Carlsen, que acaba de retener la corona mundial de ajedrez en duelo contra el indio Viswanathan Anand, sigue en cabeza de ranking, publicado hoy por la FIDE, con 2.862 puntos, uno menos que en el escalaf?n de noviembre Leer

Ajedrez //

GM Meier 1.5 Points Clear Of Field In Second Titled Player Tuesday

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Despite the growth of the field to 70 players and 17 grandmasters, GM Georg Meier obliterated the competition at this month’s Titled Player Tuesday. The German star, who now attends college in St. Louis at the powerhouse Webster University, won hi…

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December 2014 FRL

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

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FIDE publishes December 2014 FRL FIDE Rating List. The list of top players is published at Top lists page of FIDE ratings website. All players can check new ratings at the main page of FIDE ratings website.

Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

19th Magistral Ciutat de Barcelona 2014 LIVE!

Sunday, November 30th, 2014
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