The newly crowned World Champion Magnus Carlsen turns 23 today

Sven Magnus ?en Carlsen (Norwegian: [s??n m??n?s ??n k???sn?]; born 30 November 1990) is a Norwegian chess grandmaster, reigning World Chess Champion and the No. 1 ranked player in the world. His peak rating is 2872, the highest in history.

A chess prodigy, in 2004 Carlsen became a grandmaster at the age of 13 years, 148 days, making him at that time the second youngest grandmaster in history, although he has since become the third youngest. On 1 January 2010, at the age of 19 years, 32 days, he became the youngest chess player in history to be ranked world No. 1. On the January 2013 FIDE rating list, Carlsen reached an Elo rating of 2861, at that time the highest in history. In November 2013, Carlsen beat Viswanathan Anand in the World Chess Championship 2013, thus becoming the new world chess champion.

Known for his attacking style as a teenager, Carlsen later developed into a more universal player. He does not focus on opening preparation as much as other top players, and plays a variety of openings, making it harder for opponents to prepare against him. His positional mastery and endgame prowess have drawn comparisons to those of former world champions Jos? Ra?l Capablanca, Vasily Smyslov, and Anatoly Karpov.

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