Webster University Dominates at PanAm Chess Championship

December 31, 2013 12:25 PM

LUBBOCK, Texas (KMOX) – Some local collegians are the toast of the Chess World.

Four students from Webster University check-mated their opponents during the Pan-American Intercollegiate Team Chess Championship, dubbed the World Series of chess, in Lubbock, Texas this past weekend.

“We have 42 teams participating, we have most of the Ivy League here like Princeton, Yale, Harvard,” said former Olympic chess champion and Webster’s Coach Susan Polgar.

The tournament finished Monday with Webster placing twice — the “A” team took first, and the “B” team took fourth. More scores

Favorite and chess powerhouse Texas Tech places fifth, but will still advance to the Final Four of College Chess because only one team from each university can participate.

Polgar left Tech for Webster in 2012, bringing every member of Tech’s “A” team with her. Since then, Tech has been trying to rebuild the program from scratch.

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Webster University dominating performance:

- 3 of the top 6 finishing teams (1st, 4th, and 6th).
- Top 4 individual performers: So (A), Robson (A), Bykhovsky (B), Le (A)
- 7 of the top 12 individual performers: So (A), Robson (A), Bykhovsky (B), Le (A), Corrales (B), Neimer (C), Meier (A)
- All 4 top board prizes: Le (A) tied for 1st on board 1, Bykhovsky (B) 1st on board 2, So (A) 1st on board 3, Robson (A) 1st on board 4

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