Ziaziulkina wins the Belarus Chess Championship

WIM Nastassia Ziaziulkina is the new chess champion of Belarus, after winning convincingly the competition with 8,0/9. Ziaziulkina, who won a gold medal in Porto Carras after a drama last round, protagonized yet another show, after winning the gold on tiebreak ahead of Tatiana Revo.

Third place for WGM Anna Sharevich with 6,0/8, same points as WFM Lanita Stetsko, but a better tiebreak.

Final standings

1. WIM Nastassia Ziaziulkina 8,0/9
2. Tatiana Revo 8,0/9
3. WGM Anna Sharevich 6,0/9
4. WFM Lanita Stetsko 6,0/9
5. Maria Nevioselaya 5,0/9
6. Ekaterina Kasperovich 4,0/9
7. WGM Rakhil Eidelson 3,0/9
8. Marina Tereshkova 2,5/9
9. Ekaterina Beinenson 2,0/9
10. Ekaterina Morgaenko 0,5/9

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