Hello everyone and welcome to the live coverage of the World Chess Championship 2012 match between Boris Gelfand and Viswanathan Anand on Chessdom.com. Today is the opening ceremony day and we will have a live blog from Moscow that will be updated every 15 minutes.
The messages will appear at this article in chronological order, including details of the preparations, statements by famous chess people in Moscow, interesting facts and figures, playing hall arrangements, and of course the opening ceremony itself. Enjoy!

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Moscow, 10:00 CET

And finally the day has come! Today the World Chess Championship 2012 will be given official start with an opening ceremony in the Mikhail Vrubel’s hall of the State Tretyakov Gallery. It is scheduled for around 18:00 CET and Chessdom editors will be in Moscow to follow for you live every detail of the preparation of the event.

Just a few days ago Vishy Anand and Boris Gelfand got a gist of what is coming, it is time for us to dive in the atmosphere of the major chess event of the month.

Moscow, 10:15 CET

“Chess is art, sport, and science at the same time”, goes a famous chess quote. It turns out not only to be a cliche, but rather a fact, as both players have affirmed that it feels natural having the Tretyakov Gallery as match venue.

Boris Gelfand stated, “I am very excited that the match will be in the gallery. Typically tournaments are conducted in conference rooms or hotels. This is a brilliant idea of the sponsors to combine art and chess. I think it will be inspiration for good games.”

Viswanathan Anand spoke in a similar manner, “It is a very interesting move to have the match in the Tretyakov Gallery, it underlines the art roots of the game.”

All this was stated by Anand and Gelfand during their mutual visit at the venue. Two interviews are now available, with Viswanathan Anand here (video) and with Boris Gelfand here (video), as well as a match preview here (video)