Hikaru Nakamura leads the 54th Reggio Emilia tournament after 5 of the 10 rounds. Nakamura was critical of the standard of play in his game against Ivanchuk. Ivanchuk found a sound rook sacrifice but couldn’t follow it up correctly in time trouble and by move 40 was probably lost. Anish Giri won on the black side of a Petroff against Fabiano Caruana. Giri even had the luxury of missing the powerful knight sacrifice that won the game as it was still there the following move. Alexander Morozevich ramped up the complications against Nikita Vitiugov until he obtained a winning position just before first time control. Rest day Sunday. Round 6 Monday 2nd January 2012: Giri-Ivanchuk, Nakamura-Vitiugov and

Source: The Week in Chess