Vladimir Kramnik slightly took the shine off his fantastic performance at the 39th Dortmund tournament by losing to Hikaru Nakamura in the final round.
Kramnik had already secured first place and his 10th Dortmund title so the result was not of much relevance.
Kramnik made a rather speculative but not unsound sacrifice of a piece against Nakamura but this is not in his style and he quickly went astray.
Although Nakamura was far from clinical in finishing the game off he brought the point home securely enough
in the end. Le Quang Liem – Anish Giri and Georg Meier – Ruslan Ponomariov were fairly uninteresting draws.
Young Dutchman Robin van Kampen won the Helmut-Kohls-Turnier. Mikhail Zaitsev by far and away the highest rated player won the Open on 7.5/9 half a point clear of
Glenn De Schampheleire.

Source: The Week in Chess