Round 4 of the 4th Final Masters saw Vassily Ivanchuk win his 3rd game in a row, this time
as black, against Levon Aronian in a fiendishly complicated game. Ivanchuk obtained
a decisive advantage which he lost in terrible time trouble but Aronian who
had more time blitzed him and blundered his position away. Viswanathan Anand ground
down Vallejo Pons who admitted afterwards he is in awful form. Magnus Carlsen got absolutely
nothing against a well prepared Hikaru Nakamura.

Ivanchuk 10pts, Anand, Aronian 5pts, Nakamura 4pts, Carlsen and Vallejo 3pts.

Round 5 Sat 1st October 19:00 BST Ivanchuk-Carlsen, Nakamura-Vallejo and Anand-Aronian.

Source: The Week in Chess