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Kamsky wins Baku Open

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Final leaders:

1 GM Kamsky Gata USA 2713 7,5 2486 7 0,0 0,84
2 GM Sutovsky Emil ISR 2665 7,0 2445 5 0,0 0,38
3 GM Aleksandrov Aleksej BLR 2642 7,0 2411 5 0,0 0,23
4 FM Golizadeh Asghar IRI 2481 7,0 2389 6 0,0 1,70
5 IM Abasov Nijat Azad Oglu AZE 2517 7,0 2274 5 0,0 0,19
6 GM Mamedov Rauf AZE 2660 6,5 2488 5 0,0 0,43
7 GM Miroshnichenko Evgenij UKR 2686 6,5 2420 5 0,0 -0,54
8 FM Agaragimov Djakhangir AZE 2311 6,5 2410 5 0,0 3,20
9 GM Savchenko Boris RUS 2623 6,5 2395 6 0,0 -0,17
10 GM Abbasov Farid AZE 2549 6,5 2377 6 0,0 0,32
11 GM Guseinov Gadir AZE 2611 6,5 2327 5 0,0 -0,82
12 IM Esen Baris TUR 2518 6,5 2317 6 0,0 0,11
13 GM Ibrahimov Rasul AZE 2534 6,5 2313 5 0,0 -0,24
14 GM Smirin Ilia ISR 2646 6,5 2311 5 0,0 -0,91
Rahmanov Shahriyar Teymur Oglu AZE 2245 6,5 2265 6 0,0 2,31
16 GM Durarbeyli Vasif AZE 2501 6,5 2236 5 0,0 -0,30
17 IM Sulashvili Malkhaz GEO 2498 6,5 2226 4 0,0 -0,77
18 IM Javakhishvili Leyla GEO 2469 6,5 2174 5 0,0 -0,86

Full standings here:

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Gata Kamsky wins Baku Open 2010 – Kamsky wins the title with last round victory

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The participant in the Candidates matches 2011 GM Gata Kamsky won the Baku Chess Open. After a last round victory against GM Savchenko, Kamsky clinched sole first place with 7,5/9. Half a point behind are GM Emil Sutovsky, GM Alexej Alexandrov, FM Asghar Golizadeh, and IM Nijat Abasov.


Working visit of Ilyumzhinov to Singapore

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

During the working visit to Singapore the FIDE President heard the report of the FIDE Vice-President Zurab Azmaiparashvili on the outcome of his inspection tour to Khanty-Mansiysk, where the 39th World Chess Olympiad will start soon. He also met with the President of the Singapore Chess Federation, FIDE General Secretary Ignatius Leong. At the meeting the issues of development and popularization of chess in Singapore, implementation of “Chess in Schools” programme and the issues in respect of the functioning of ASEAN Chess Academy were discussed in details.

Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

LIVE games from Baku

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Live chess broadcast powered by ChessBomb and Chessdom

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Campomanes Memorial Cup update

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Viet GM topples So
August 31, 2010, 8:03pm

Top seed GM Le Quang Liem of Vietnam outclassed GM Wesley So in the keenly-watched battle between two of Asia’s top young players in the action-packed fifth round of the first Florencio Campomanes Memorial Cup chess championship on Tuesday at the Ninoy Aquino Stadium.

Le, who shocked the chess world when he finished runner-up in the prestigious Dortmund Chess Meeting behind GM Ruslan Ponomariov last July, defeated the second-seeded So in only 38 moves of the Slav.

The 19-year-old campaigner from Ho Chi Minh City, whose string of wins included a title romp in the 9th Aeroflot Open in Moscow with a score of 7/9 last February and a four-way tie for first place in the Moscow Open, emerged from a difficult middle game battle with a decisive advantage over the black-playing Filipino champion.

Le also defeated compatriot Nguyen Huyn Minh in the fourth round late Monday.

The twin victories enabled Le to climb into a six-way tie for second to seventh places with four points, half a point behind solo leader GM Zhao Jun of China.

Two other Chinese players – GMs Li Chao and Ling Diren – also won their respective assignments.


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Rogelio Antonio out of the Philippines team for the Chess Olympiad 2010 – Decision by NCFP, Rogelio Antonio out of the Asian Games as well

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The National Chess Federation Philippines (NCFP) headed by president Prospero Pichay has decided to drop Grandmaster Rogelio “Joey” Antonio from the national team bound for the World Chess Olympiad and Asian Games.


Interview with Almog Burstein – Treasurer in Silvio Danailov’s ticket for ECU

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Interview with Mr. Almog Burstein, Treasurer on Silvio Danialov’s ticket in the forthcoming ECU elections.


Teimour Radjabov Meets Jean-Paul Belmondo – Legendary actor is an avid fan of chess

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

World Championship candidate and the Good Will Ambassador of UNICEF Teimour Radjabov visited Monte-Carlo this month and met the legendary French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. They spent some time together, drinking coffee and talking on various subjects. To Radjabov’s delight, Belmondo explained that he likes chess very much and is an avid fan of the game.


Chess in Schools of Vietnam

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

The FIDE President, Head of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov arrived in Vietnam on a working visit. At the airport Thang Shon Niat he was met by the President of the country Nguyen Minh Triet, the Secretary of the City Council Le Thanh Hai and the Mayor of Ho Chi Minh Le Hoang Quan as well as high officials of the President’s Administration and Foreign Ministry. The President’s programme has been very tight and resulted in very important news. Now Vietnam shall be part of the FIDE Chess in Schools programme. First the wisest game shall be taught in several provinces of the country. Should the pilot programme be successful, chess will become part of the comprehensive curriculum of Vietnam.

Airport Thang Shon Niat

Kirsan Ilyumzhinov and the President of SRV Nguyen Minh Triet









Meeeting with leadership of Binh Duong province















Source: World Chess Federation – FIDE

Overnight chess tactic

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

White to move. How should White proceed?

8/4pQnp/4nq2/p2p2k1/3P2B1/6P1/1p3PK1/2r4R w – - 0 1

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