Chess World Cup: Round 3 kicks off in Khanty-Mansiysk

The starting games of the Round 3 of FIDE World Cup were played in the Ugra Chess Academy on September 16. Seven encounters ended with a victory for one side.The biggest upset of the day was Kirill Alekseenko's (Russia) beating the higher-rated Pentala Harikrishna

Chess Champions Crowned in World Youth Rapid and Blitz

FIDE World Youth Rapid and Blitz Championships (under 14, 16 and 18 years old categories) finished in Salobrena, Spain. 178 players from 22 countries, including 1 GM, 5 IMs, 12 FMs, 1 WIM, 12 WFMs participated in the chess forum in Granada. After three days of inte

Chess FIDE Chess World Cup: Giri Through In Armageddon

Anish Giri played the longest tiebreak and eventually defeated Evgenyi Najer in the armageddon game. The third round of the FIDE World Cup starts on Monday. You can follow the games here as part of our live portal The... S

Chess A miracle save allows Gunina to keep pace with Ju Wenjun

The first game to come to an end was the clash between Elisabeth Paethz (2479) and the tournament co-leader Ju Wenjun (2576). The World Champion went for a Petrov defence, and some early exchanges quickly lead to a dull position, in which the players found no bette

Chess Second Round of the World Cup is over

Tie-breaks of the Second Round of the FIDE World Cup were played on September 15 in Khanty-Mansiysk. An overwhelming majority of matches ended after rapid chess games. Eltaj Safarli (Azerbaijan) defeated Nihal Sarin (India), Lenier Dominguez (USA) beat Nijat Abas

Chess Chess : Michael Adams knocked out in first round of World Cup in Siberia

The seven-times British chess champion Michael Adams was eliminated 4.5-3.5 after an eight-game marathon in the first round of the $1.6m World Cup on Thursday as the Cornishman, 47, was gradually worn down after seven consecutive draws by 19-year-old Chithambaram A

Chess On Chess : Champions Showdown Provided Exciting And Unpredictable Games

While none of the matches truly went down to the wire, the players did an excellent job of entertaining the audience with exciting games from Sept. 3 through Sept. 5. Garry Kasparov may have been out of the match since Day 3, but he continued to fight admirably and

Chess Nakamura Eliminated From FIDE Chess World Cup

Hikaru Nakamura got eliminated from the FIDE World Cup after failing to win his return game with Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu. The Chinese GM Xu Yiangyu surprised again by knocking out Ernesto Inarkiev while Alireza Firouzja played

Chess Ju Wenjun wins and joins Gunina in the lead

The tournament leader Valentina Gunina (2502) was very close to biting the dust in her game against the veteran Pia Cramling (2487). Loyal to her style, the Russian jumped into some sharp tactical skirmishes as soon as she had the chance, but the complications

Chess 2019 3rd Quarter FIDE Presidential Board Meeting

The new FIDE Charter was the main point in the agenda of the 2019 third quarter Presidential Board meeting, held in Budapest last weekend. The Hungarian Chess Federation took the opportunity to announce during the gala dinner that their country will bid to organi

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